5 Best Screen Recorder For Google Chrome to Record

A Chrome extension can sometimes be a lifesaver. Having an extension to record screen seamlessly is just way too convenient for content creators or even for regular users at times. These Chrome extensions can be highly useful because they can be used on any device where you can access Chrome Extensions. 

Be it sharing the screen for work-related progress or communicating with others, all can be done. Here is the 5 best screen recorder for Google Chrome which you can download and use for free without any Ads or high specs as well. There is one thing which is a must, i.e. Logging in to the respective extensions.

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1. Screen Recorder

Screen recorder is one of the most minimalistic extensions in Chrome browser to record the screen or browser. Also, this extension can be accessed without signing up, unlike other extensions. 

Screen recorder

It tends to support unlimited recording of videos without any kinds of Ads or watermarks which is quite impressive for a free extension. However, you won’t get any kind of option to edit the recorded video file other than an Optimize option after recording.

PS: The option for Camera+Screen recording is yet to be provided in the extension.


  • Easy to use and minimalistic yet useful design.
  • Works great even while Offline.
  • Saves the file quite easily.


  • No tools to tweak the video file.
  • The file can only be saved to System memory.
  • Camera+Screen isn’t available.

Download: Screen Recorder

2. Screen Recorder for Google Chrome

You might like this particular extension better than that of the previous one. However, the functionalities are pretty much the same as the above extension. This extension feels more practical than other extensions.

Screen Recorder for Google Chrome 1

There are no such tools to work with the recorded file, but surely gets the job done quite smoothly and without any lags. It also supports Google Drive through which you can share the direct link.


  • Easy to use.
  • Separate tab to control the recorder.
  • Google Drive Support.


  • No tools to edit the file.

Download: Screen Recorder for Google Chrome

3. Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny

This is one of the top tools to take screenshots and record screens without even paying a buck. You can immediately share your recordings and screenshots with individuals on your contacts list by saving them directly to Google Drive. 

Screeny recorder

There are no such impractical limitations on the recording screen other than exporting it as a .mp4 file i.e. no more than 200Mb. Other than these limitations, it is a very good recorder for a regular user or even for a student too.


  • Easy to use.
  • Very optimized functions.
  • Works offline.
  • Great to capture and seamlessly edit screenshots.


  • Export limit 200Mb.
  • No tools to edit the file.

Download: Screen Capture and Recorder by Screeny

4. Scrnli Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Scrnli is another extension which can be added to the Chromium-based browser without paying any money. It is one of the advanced screen recorders with additional tools to highlight and mark stuff on the screen while recording itself. In addition, you can also take advanced screenshots using Scrnli.

Scrnli Recorder

This also works fine offline and has plenty of options amongst the file types to export the file after recording it. It also allows users to adjust the quality which makes it better as per the requirement. Scrnli gets the job done pretty fast without any Ads or Watermarks.


  • Few tools to highlight while recording.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works offline as well.
  • Several file types to export the file.


  • The highlighter only works for specific pages.
  • No webcam option.
  • No Google Drive support.

Download: Scrnli

5. Screenity – Screen Recorder & Annotation Tool

Screenity is an open-source and free-of-cost extension on the Chrome Web Store which is quite good at what it offers for the users. When it comes to annotations, I was not able to find anything related to that.  


Just like any other open-source tool, this one also stands out and provides all the basic features like trimming the recorded file and saving it to Google Drive without any hassle or lags.


  • Open-sourced tool
  • Adjust FPS i.e. 30 or 60, the file size can also be adjusted
  • Works great even offline
  • Supports Google Drive
  • Basic editing options (trim and remove)


  • Annotation features are nowhere to be found

Download: Screenity


Is screen recording safe?

Depending upon the app or tool you are using, look for a trusted app with good reviews and mostly should be open-sourced. Other than that, mostly it is safe and secure.

Does screen recording affect quality?

If you are using a low-grade recorder then, Yes it does affect the quality. However, if you use a good recorder like Screenity, then the resolutions are mentioned and you can expect the quality to be negligible.


Hence, these were the best screen recorders you can get on the Chrome Web Store without spending a single penny. If you found these extensions useful, which you must be as a student or content creator, then do share it with others who might be looking for a lightweight extension to record the screen and stuff.

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