6 Best QR Code Scanner Apps For Android To Scan QR

A QR code is extensively used by companies to pack product information. This is not the only use of QR code, it is widely used across various industries worldwide. Most digital transactions are done by scanning the QR code. And there are various other benefits of using QR code. 

Now, if you don’t know about QR code, it’s basically a barcode that delivers information or service, once scanned like other barcodes. Nowadays, a lot of phones are coming with inbuilt QR code scanners, but many don’t. So, it’s better to have a handy QR and Barcode scanner equipped with all the important features. 

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1. QR Code Scanner & Scanner App

QR Code Scanner Scanner App

It is the most rated Free QR code scanner in the play store app. It justifies the ratings as it’s lightweight and works very fast and is equipped with a QR code creation facility. Furthermore, it has over 5+ million downloads.

Though, some users have reported issues like, it forces users to watch the whole ad without skipping. And sometimes it wrongly scans the Code and directs to some scamming website.


  • Scan in camera or Gallery image
  • QR code creation using the URL and other information
  • It comes with a dark mode for better battery optimization
  • It comes in various languages like English, Hindi, Bangla etc.
  • It maintains a detailed history for better quick future response.

Check Out: QR Code Scanner & Scanner App

2. QR & Barcode Scanner By Gamma Play

QR Barcode Scanner By Gamma Play

It is the most downloaded free QR Code scanner app on the play store with more than 100 million downloads. It can scan and read all types of QR code and Barcode including text, email, URL, ISBN etc.

It’s an excellent app, but some users have reported, it takes comparatively more time to scan. But, I didn’t face such problems. But, one thing that disappointed me was too many concurrent ads. Though, it can be avoided by turning off the internet while scanning.


  • Extremely easy to use with clean User Interface
  • Scan QR without  pressing any button
  • Generate QR code using data like text, contact or any other link
  • Using batch scanning, One can scan multiple scanning at once
  • The battery can be optimized through dark mode

Check Out: QR & Barcode Scanner By Gamma Play

3. QR Code & Barcode Scanner By QR Easy

QR Code Barcode Scanner By QR Easy

If you are looking for a lightweight QR code and Barcode scanner for standard 1D and 2D code types, then this is very suitable, as per your needs. It’s very easy to use and doesn’t require an internet connection to scan, which makes it faster than peers.

So, the problem was none other than “too many ads” but many times it redirects to some flashy scamming website. And also a lot of times, scan yourself through different search engines.


  • It can scan almost all types of Barcode and QR code.
  • It provides an Instant scan option with a flashlight.
  • Scan history option which saves the QR Code for quick reference.
  • It also provides a QR code generator option to create QR code using personalized data.
  • It has a very clean User Interface, which is a plus point.

Check Out: QR Code & Barcode Scanner By QR Easy

4. QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader

It doesn’t have many downloads but having kept that aside, it’s the best ad-free QR Code scanner clean user interface. It has all the features that one QR code scanner should have. Furthermore, it’s lightweight too with only a size of 12MB. So, it’s best suitable for phones with less RAM.

I didn’t face any problem while using it, but If it has a landscape option for scanning QR Code and Barcode. Then, it would have been the best QR code scanner in the play store for sure.


  • Manual Zoom with which you can zoom as per your needs.
  • Light and Dark theme option for better experience.
  • Save barcodes scanned history for better future reference.
  • Create QR code and Barcode using customized Information.
  • Using Batch scan, you can scan multiple images at once. 

Check Out: QR Code Reader

5. QR Code Reader and Scanner: App for Android

QR Code Reader and Scanner App for Android

If you love your digital privacy, then this QR code scanner is going to keep you away from the Rogue QR code that contains dangerous links. It is made by Kaspersky lab Switzerland, which is the world’s fastest-growing cybersecurity company, which provides protection to over 400 million people worldwide.

It is the best Secured, Fast and Ad-free QR code scanner in the play store, but it doesn’t have a barcode scanning option. We hope they would include it, then it would be a complete super scanning app.


  • Safety checks: Get instant warning for dangerous links.
  • Keep QR code history at your fingertips for past links and websites.
  • Clean User Interface: even Technical noob can use it.
  • Ad free QR code scanner without any hassle
  • Access Wi-Fi quickly by scanning the QR Code quickly.

Check Out: QR Code Reader and Scanner

6. Trend Micro QR Scanner

QR Scanner Safe QR Code Scanner

Trend Micro has made this application, which is a sign of security and safety in itself. They are a global leader in cyber security solutions. It’s the best free and secure QR code scanner app with the cleanest and minimalist user interface. It’s also ad-free, which means no worry about spamming ads.

I do use it personally and one problem that I have faced is, It doesn’t allow deleting QR Code history for selected items. Moreover, It is an ideal application for those who love privacy.


  • Block hazardous and dangerous sites immediately.
  • The UI is highly responsive and minimalist.
  • Free and secure barcode reader that makes it a complete app.
  • The detailed history can be maintained for further reference.
  • Scan the code using the front and rear cam.

Check Out: Tred Micro QR Scanner


So, these were some of the best QR Code & Barcode scanner apps to access information and services through QR & Barcode. It’s better to know your needs and requirements and then select out of these.

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