5 Best Phone Dialer For Android to Better Manage Calls

Dialer app on your android device could be one of those apps which might be least relevant to users these days. But, at times when you get a spam call and wish to not get disturbed and just ignore the call, this is where a dialer comes in to help you recognize it. There might not be advanced features like Caller ID recognition or customization of dialer or even managing contacts in your default dialer.

Hence, in this article, I will be listing the best dialer apps you can use regularly on your android device.

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1. Phone By Google

Here we are with another Google app, and being one it automatically becomes an exceptional one. With minimalist features, it might be the best dialer in this particular list. You get advanced features like Caller ID recognition with smart blocking of spam calls.

This app is completely free to use as of now with all the advanced features. However, the Caller ID is not accessible in a few of the countries/locations.

  • Perfectly syncs with an Android smartphone.
  • The emergency contact feature lets you send your location to your emergency contact within a click attaching other information too.
  • Completely Ad-free.
  • Impressive UI and is probably, even better than your phone’s dialer
  • Flip phone to silent and announcing caller ID also comes in handy at times.

Check Out: Phone by Google

2. Truecaller

If you are an Android user, then you must have come across this dialer/caller ID app plenty of times. It highly focuses on Caller ID and privacy features like giving information about the number of users viewing or searching your number on the Truecaller.

Being a feature-rich dialer, it comes with a price for all the advanced features like tracking users who viewed your profile and is priced at around 7.50$/Year. Besides the premium version, you can still enjoy using this dialer.

  • Smart call blocking.
  • Accurate Caller ID, identify the ID without picking up the call.
  • Easy to use UI with smooth experience.
  • Plenty of customization options.

Check Out: Truecaller

3. Drupe: Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID

Drupe could be the most visually intimidating dialer on the list. It tends to be a step ahead when it comes to advanced features like using gestures, shortcuts to take actions within the app and even while not using the app.

In short, Drupe is one of the most good looking dialers with many advanced features. But, it comes at a price, with some advanced features i.e. driver mode, calls blocking and a few other features which will cost you 11.99$/Year. 

  • Use shortcuts to open the dialer from any app.
  • Advanced Caller ID to avoid spam calls.
  • Smart customization of caller screen, contact manager, and so on.
  • Set reminders of Birthday calls for loved ones.

Check Out: Drupe

4. Eyecon

Just like Drupe, Eyecon is also a visually appealing dialer app. The visuals, animations and viewing options seem to be quite attractively designed. At times you might forget that Eyecon is even a dialer, it looks almost like a social media platform.

You get all the below mentioned features within the free version. But, there are Ads and a few advanced options that are yet to be enabled, to do so you will have to pay around 6.99$/year. 

  • Caller ID is quite accurate when it comes to photos and names.
  • Toki option, through which you can directly call an Eyecon user on the other side.
  • Only a few customization options. 
  • Manages and takes back-up of the contacts precisely.

Check Out: Eyecon

5. True Phone Dialer & Contacts

True Phone Dialer is exceptionally good at what it offers. As of now, it is completely free of cost. When compared with other dialers, this tends to offer smooth and better on-call features. 

Manage contacts with ease, in addition, you can view them sectionally those are saved on phone memory, google drive or whether the sim card. So, you also get a contact manager with a good dialer.

  • Customize the dialer screen, theme and so on as per your likings.
  • Advanced options for dual sim settings.
  • Grouping of contacts and well-organized call log.
  • No Ads as of now.

Check Out: True Phone Dialer

6. iCallScreen

If you are one of the users looking for a dialer that is identical to that of an iPhone’s dialer then this is the one. The search bar and contact viewer is well optimized and the overall experience of the app’s UI is quite good.

There are some of the features which you can enjoy in the version but, to enjoy premium features like setting video on background, removing Ads and so on, you will have to pay 35.99$/Month. 

  • Save fake call logs, receive a fake call from the saved contact and number within the app.
  • Setting photos or videos for call backgrounds is enabled.
  • However, the Ads might be annoying at times, in the free version.

Check Out: iCallScreen


How can I recognize a Caller’s ID without picking up the phone?

I would recommend you to use either Phone By Google or Truecaller because they are quite popular and the accuracy of recognising caller IDs are far better than the rest.


Hence, these were the best dialer apps for your android device that you can get on the play store. I will highly recommend you to use one of those dialers besides your default dialer, I’m sure that the Caller ID recognition feature will make your life better and will also save you time.

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