5 Best News Apps for Android to Read News

News is the medium that connects people with the current situation of the world and it helps an individual to interpret the current scenario of the governments, ruling parties, tangible incidents like corruption, business frauds and it provides various statistical data which helps the people to derive the future outcomes. News helps to deliver the thoughts of the individual by freedom of speech. 

As we are advancing in technology, we can get the news by any means whether offline or online but as the most efficient and speedy way of spreading or receiving the news at the right time is by Online means, let’s engrave some of the best and free news apps for daily news.

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1. Google News

Google News App

Google News helps you to create a basket of liked topics on which the latest updates are provided. All the irrelevant information is not shown by Google News. The headlines are precise enough to get the idea of the complete article or news which says the time of the reader. 

The reader can allow the notification on the priority of some important sectors or areas where they work or are passionate about. This app upholds the first position as its user friendly and delivers the latest news on time.

Check Out: Google News

2. Inshorts


When you don’t have time and you want to read the news in a more precise way to get the complete meaning of it without wasting much time on it, then the Inshorts News app is the best for you.

The innovative feature of comprising the news into just 60 words and providing all the relevant information to the reader. They have an AI bot that resides in this app in which segment the individual is interested in and updates his/her with the latest news of that particular domain.

There are features to share the news with your friends and colleagues the app provides features to customize the platform and the news you wanna read. They provide you with the news more speedily and efficiently without wasting the time of the user. This app has expertise in all domains except the regional news are not more highlighted while all the other areas are precisely covered.

Check Out: Inshorts

3. Times Of India

Times of India

Times of India is a prestigious and well-known source of News for both printings as well as electronic media. This app introduces you to all the national, International and business-related news and facts.  There is the feature of offline feed where you don’t require any internet connectivity and you can easily connect to the news which is preloaded or saved by the reader.

This app covers the segment of sports as well where you are updated with live scores and post the highlights of the match. Here you can share the news by any medium.

Check Out: Times Of India

4. Economic Times

Economics Times

Economic Times upholds with all the finance News and updates their readers with the recent economic policy by a national or international institution. This app is purely for people interested in the finance sector. In this field, time is important to get the quarterly reports of the company, profit and loss statement and cash flow statement of companies where their equity is dependent upon it.

This app provides the best and most reliable news of capital, currency, commodity, crude and money markets.

The feature of prior notification shows the reader the news which is important to them in their interested domains. The special feature of the stock watchlist and the Gainers and Losers of NSE and BSE and the closing of various international markets are surged by this app. This app is the best app for the news of finance and various markets.

Check Out: Economics Times

5. Dailyhunt 


Dailyhunt is an Indian News app that provides news in 14 different languages from different localities of India. There are many key features like providing personalized content and prior notification of the app. The reader can choose the sector or area where an individual is interested.

The delivery of both the local and national news is reliable and fast as compared to other local apps. A biased review and opinion are given on various important topics. This is one of the best apps to update an individual with local news.

Check Out: Dailyhunt


Do I need to turn on data to read News from News Apps?

Many News apps support offline readings, you just need to download the articles when you get a wifi connection.

Which news app is best to gain knowledge?

You can use news apps like Inshorts which provides a summary of the news, and for detailed news use news apps like Times of India.

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