4 Best Internet Speed On Status Bar Apps For Android

How would you know if your internet connection is good or not? You would require a feature or an app to measure the upload and download speed on your phone. But it would be lazy to open and close the app every time, so showing internet speed on the status bar is very helpful. 

I have found the best apps to measure internet speed on the status bar and I will be referring to them in detail.

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1. Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite

Internet Speed Meter Lite is an easy and useful app to keep track of your internet speed. It displays your internet speed in the status bar and shows data consumed in the notification bar. The best part about the Internet Speed Meter Lite app is that it is Ad-free and battery-efficient.  It also shows you the daily data traffic usage in the notification bar. It has separate stats for mobile and WiFi Networks. The paid version is also available if you are willing to purchase it.

Check Out: Internet Speed Meter Lite

2. Live Net Speed Meter

Live Speed Meter

Live Net Speed Meter is a very light app of only 90 kb and it doesn’t consume a significant amount of battery. I recommend using this app because it not only has a clean UI but also tracks data usage for 30 days. Live Net Speed meter doesn’t require any sort of special permission and it gives you an Ad-free experience. It is a battery efficient app and doesn’t occupy any significant storage space on your device.

Check Out: Live Net Speed Meter

3. Internet Speed Meter

Internet Speed Meter by Zanoj Mobi Apps

Internet Speed Meter like the above two apps tracks the past data usage of 30 days and one thing that differs it from the two is that it provides a feature to switch between light and dark themes. Internet Speed Meter shows network usage in four categories like day time WiFi, nighttime WiFi, daytime mobile, and nighttime mobile. This would help us to identify not only in which part of the day our data is used the most but also show us whether WiFi is used more or Mobile network.

Check Out: Internet Speed Meter

4. Network Speed-Internet Speed Meter- Indicator

Network Speed

Network Speed can be used not only to show internet speed on the status bar but also on floating widgets. It shows real-time internet speed and is battery efficient. It has customization options and it also shows ping which is used to display network stability. It can monitor your data traffic for around a month and shows daily data usage in notification space.

Check Out: Network Speed


What is a good network speed?

It depends on the type of user. If you are a casual internet surfer, 5 to 10 Mbps download speed and 1 to 3 Mbps upload speed is considered good.

How do I see network speed on my status bar using Settings?

Open Settings and then go to the Notification & Status bar. Look for an option that says display network usage and then enable it.

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