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PDF readers have always been a pretty tough niche. Either they are used in work environments to create and fill out forms, or we use them to read ebooks on the tablet. In either of the 2 cases, many times these apps end up giving more problems than anything else.  But the question is, which PDF reader you should go with?

Today, I will go over the best PDF reader and editor for Android available on Google Play which is absolutely free to install and use. This single application is capable of opening PDFs, editing them, and a few extra features which are quite handy always. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the topic. 

How To Edit PDF in Mobile (Easily)
Video: How To Edit PDF in Mobile (Easily)
Microsoft Office: The all in one office app for all your needs

You must be knowing about Microsoft office applications if you are a PC user. But did you know the same application is available for android smartphones as well? Microsoft has combined all their office applications into a single one for android and it can be used to view and edit PDFs as well. 

The new Microsoft Office for Android combines all the company’s office suite in a single application. No more having to download each of your applications separately. Now Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are together in a single application.

Microsoft Office Features

Microsoft office mobile interface

You can create new PDF files as well other things like Excel, Word, and Powerpoint. it’s quite impressive to see so many features in this small application. All integrated with OneDrive or SharePoint to have a backup in the cloud.

Microsoft has taken great care to make it easy to use the touchscreen to move through the apps and make edits. You can pinch to zoom, which feels very fluid or use the zoom controls to get a particular view. You tap anywhere on the screen to select an area or cell to edit, and you can swipe the screen to move the cursor around.

How To Add Sign, Note, And Text In The PDF

Microsoft office mobile PDF view

The application is quite easy to use and has all the options in the form of buttons. If you want to open a PDF, you have to click on the top right corner of the screen and it will open the file directory of your phone. Locate the PDF file and click on it, it will open the PDF viewer and you would be able to view the document. You can choose any file from Onedrive or your Google drive as well. 

Now, you will see a pencil icon on the top right of the screen, click on it. This will open the edit window and you can see three more options here as well. 

Microsoft office mobile pdf options
  1. The first icon T can be used to add text. You can choose text color as well as adjust the size of the text here. 
  2. The second icon will be of a page and it can be used to add notes to the PDF file. The color of the note page is customizable and you can choose from 8 different colors. 
  3. The third icon will have a pen, which can be used to add a signature to the PDF file. Once you tap anywhere on the screen, it will open the signature window where you can draw your signature. 

You will get customizations here as well like choosing the color of the signature and adding an image to the signature. You can save the signature for future use as well. 

How To Convert PDF And Edit PDF Easily For Free

Editing a PDF is quite easy in this app. All you need to do is convert the PDF to a Word file and then make the changes, and then convert it back to PDF. Let’s see exactly how you can do that exactly. 

  • First, open the PDF document you want to edit. Now on the top right corner, you can see three dots, click on them. 
  • A menu will appear from which you have to select Convert to Word.
  • Now within a few seconds, the PDF file will be converted to a Word document.
  • Now make the changes you want to and it will be autosaved in real-time.
  • Once done with the editing part, click on the three dots again and hit Save As, and choose a folder to save the file.
  • Now again click on three dots and select Print. This will open the print window.
  • Now on the top left menu, click and select Save as PDF and then click on the little circle on the top right labeled ‘PDF’. 
  • Now this will open the file manager where you have to specify the folder to store the PDF file. 

So, we basically converted the PDF to word and then again back to PDF. The process is quite easy and fast. It has One Drive native support so all your files are saved on the cloud. So, even if you accidentally close the app, you can start right where you left. 

Overall I would say I totally loved the app and recommend you guys too to try it for PDFs and other documents as well.


What is the best PDF editor for Android?

Microsoft Office is the best PDF editor for android right now. 

What is the best PDF reader for iOS?

Microsoft Office & Adobe Acrobat Reader are the best PDF reader for iOS.

How to edit pdf?

You can convert any PDF into word, make the required changes and then convert it back to PDF. 

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