6 Best Free Lightweight Launcher For Android

The major reason people love android is because of how highly it is customizable. From theme color to interface, you can modify almost everything. Some users don’t like the default launcher of their android smartphones, and that’s where you can consider trying launchers. Launcher apps can totally change the look and feel of your android home page to give you a different experience.

While there are numerous options on the play store today, you can have a hard time finding the best suitable one for you. So, in this article today, I have trimmed down the list of Best Free Lightweight Launchers For Android so that you can save your valuable time and energy. Be with me till the end to find out the best suitable app for you. 

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1.  Lawnchair 2

Lawnchair 2

If you love the clean Pixel launcher but want customizations in addition then Lawnchair 2 is for you. The looks and feel of this launcher look stunningly similar to Pixel and there’s so much attention to the details. It’s fast, snappy, and works seamlessly on devices. You get virtually endless customization on this launcher. From themes and accent color to fonts, you can change almost anything you can imagine. 

You can apply icon packs, customize the shapes of icons, install fonts, choose dark/light themes and there’s so much more. The glance widget option on the home screen is just the cherry on the cake. You can see time, temperature, weather, and more on the same widget. For someone who doesn’t like too many options and clutter on their phone, Lawnchair 2 becomes the most perfect choice. It imitates Google’s Pixel Launcher better than any other launcher I’ve ever tried. 

Check Out: Lawnchair 2

2. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Well, no surprise I have put Nova Launcher on the top of my list. It’s probably been there from the beginning and is considered the pioneer of the android launchers. Nova Launcher is famous for its customizations. You can change any app’s icon, android theme, accent color, and much more. The developer of this app has made sure they tick each of the boxes, leaving no room for complaints. They keep pushing regular updates to fix any of its bugs and glitches. 

You can even take a backup of your current home screen with Nova Launcher when you are switching to a new device. What I really love is that you get so many gesture controls like pinch, swipe,  double-tap, and much more. You can make folders for apps in the app drawer, hide apps, and create shortcuts. All in all, it is one of the best apps you can find and I’d strongly recommend you to try it.

Check Out: Nova Launcher 

3. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is another clean and minimal-looking android launcher. What makes it different from the other launchers is that it prioritizes the aesthetic feel and looks. The layout of the app is suggested by AI to make it efficient to use. You can choose wallpapers from the daily Bing wallpapers and change the icon pack of your choice.

The presence of Microsoft AI Assistant Cortona makes it stand out from the crowd of launchers. You can even set the gestures to wake up the screen, launch Cortana, and more. If you’re a PC then this app is a blessing in disguise for you. You can access different apps, documents, calendars, and do other tasks on your PC with this launcher. It has many features that will help you integrate your Android smartphone into your Windows PC. 

Check Out: Microsoft Launcher

4. Poco Launcher 

Xiaomi’s MIUI isn’t something most users like. It looks cluttered and just not aesthetically pleasing. That’s where Poco Launcher comes in to save you. You get the option to apply icon packs for your apps and customize the layout of the app drawer. There’s a search bar on the top of the app drawer in case you want to type and find the apps. There are also two different themes, dark and light. 

In terms of the layout of the app drawer, you can choose to arrange the apps based on their name or color. The Poco Launcher is fast and you will stutter whilst using it even on low spec android devices.  It doesn’t contain any extra and unnecessary features that can slow down. Overall, a pretty good app to try out.

This app only works on selected devices so first check then install

Check Out: POCO Launcher

5. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a well-known launcher because of its highly customizable features. It can completely transform the look and feel of your Android home screen. It gives you a stock Android-like interface but with many additional features like transition animations, scrolling animation, and more. You will find navigation much smoother after installing this launcher. 

The app drawer section looks so minimal and pleasing to the eyes. The icon shapes are square but you can change them to anything you like using its icon packs. And, on the top of the screen, you also get the option to search for apps. You can choose to arrange the apps in the app drawer based on name, date installed, time of usage, and more. Overall, it’s a pretty good app for anyone looking for more themes. 

Check Out: Apex Launcher

6. Niagara Launcher 

Niagara Launcher

If you’re bored of looking at the same app drawer in grids then here’s something new for you. Niagara Launcher has a different app drawer that gives you a ‘list’ of your app based on alphabetical order. And if you don’t want to scroll much, there’s a navigation button on the left of the screen with alphabets on it. It improves the efficiency of the app drawer. In addition, you get plenty of customization features that can transform the look of your home screen. 

You also get the option to import your existing layouts from other launchers like Apex, Nova, or any other. It centers around giving you a minimalistic home screen experience and eliminates all the clutter on the interface. There are so many themes that you can install and it just looks so different from the other launchers you can find. The launcher is fast, smooth, and easy to navigate in. Overall, it’s a really good launcher for all the minimalists here. 

Check Out: Niagara Launcher


What is the best lightweight launcher?

Of just 3.1MB, Customized Pixel Launcher (CPL) is the best lightweight launcher. 

What are some unique and minimalistic launchers for Android that are free?

There are few minimalistic and unique launchers like Poco Launcher, Niagara Launcher, and Customised Pixel Launcher. All of these are free and unique looks. You can easily install them from Playstore.

Do Android launchers drain battery?

Yes. Android launchers can drain the battery. So, always research and check the review before choosing any launcher. 

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