2 Best Free Download Manager For Windows, macOS & Linux

If you’re still using your browser to download files then you’re missing out on a lot of things. Downloading from the browser is just hectic and slow. That’s why you need a good download manager. You get faster download speeds, the option to pause and resume downloads, schedule the downloads, and much more. 

But with such a saturated market of download managers, which one should you be going with? So, today, in this article, I am going to tell you about the two Best Free Download Managers For Windows 10, macOS & Linux. So, let’s get straight to our topic. 

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1. Motrix App

Motrix is an open-source download manager with amazing features. It is completely free with no ads. Just like any other download manager, it creates threads to download your files faster. The download speeds which I got from Motrix were a little faster than FDM. You have to manually paste the download link in the app, as it doesn’t have any browser extension support.

However, you can manually set up the Motrix web extension from Github and use it to integrate with the Motrix app. It will catch the downloads from the download page. It also has support for torrents using magnet links and torrent files. The application seems fast to navigate with no clutter whatsoever. 

The interface is the reason why I love using this download manager. It is modern, and sleek, something you won’t find in other download managers. Apart from a few downsides like no browser integration or preview option, it’s a pretty decent choice. Overall, it’s an amazing application with the best interface I’ve ever used in a download manager. 


  • Set bandwidth limit 
  • Dark and light themes
  • Easy to use interface 
  • Support for torrent download
  • maximum 64 thread download
  • Ready for Touch Bar (Mac only)

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2. Free Download Manager

Free download manager

Free Download Manager (FDM) is one of the best open-source download managers you can find. FDM is also one of the cleanest-looking downloading managers I’ve used. It also has a scheduler and smart downloading features. And you can also pause or resume the download anytime you want. It will surely help you to download large files faster.

FDM, like most of the download managers, splits the downloading file into multiple parts called threads and downloads each of these simultaneously. There’s also support for downloading torrents, something you won’t find in other download managers. You can limit the number of download threads and the speed according to your convenience, though I would recommend you to stick with the default settings.

Besides all that, it also gives you the option to preview and convert media like video and audio files before they’re finished downloading. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. And, you can also find its browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and opera. Overall, it is a  complete package and also my favorite one that I personally use. It’s definitely worth using.  


  • Open-source application 
  • Can integrate with your web browser
  • Has good bandwidth management 
  • Can download specific files from archives 
  • Preview files while downloading 
  • Supports proxy servers

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What are the best download managers for a Windows PC?

Free download manager and Motrix are two of the best download managers for a Windows PC.

Which is the best download manager and why?

The free download manager is the best download manager because it’s free, fast, supports torrents, converts audio and video files, and just does so much more. It’s a feature-packed download manager with a clean interface. 

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