3 Best Free Download Manager For Android

Nowadays, download managers have become the standard for downloading files. After all, most browsers struggle at downloading large files or multiples files at once. With the help of download managers, you can organize and manage your downloading, pause/resume it, schedule it and do much more.

While there are so many options available today, it can be quite troublesome to find the perfect one. So, in this article, I have made a list of the 3 Best Free Download Manager for Android. You can use any of these, depending upon your choice, and get amazing speeds and efficiency in downloading. So, let’s check out each one of them.

1. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager (FDM) is the best download manager you can find on the play store with the most positive reviews. This app is being used by millions of satisfied users, including myself. The best thing about FDM is that it is completely free and has no ads at all. It is an integrated browser that can help you download files directly with the app. 

There’s a snail mode that can really slow down the download, without pausing it. This decreases the chances of encountering an error while downloading. The interface is really clean and easy to navigate. It has torrent download support as well. Overall, it’s a really good app for all users who want an easy yet effective download manager. 

2. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager (ADM) is one of the most popular download managers you can find. A completely feature-packed, clean interface, browser support, and almost all the features you would be looking for in a download manager. You can limit download speed, schedule it, change download links, and just do a lot more with its amazing features. 

You can also download mp3 files from popular music archives. The downloading speed seemed to be faster than FDM when I tested. The problem here is that it shows you ads on the bottom of the screen, which can be annoying sometimes. But the ads only occupy a small part of the screen. Overall, I loved the app and would recommend you give it a try. 

Also Check FDM Vs ADM Vs 1DM

3. 1DM 

1DM (formerly IDM) is an amazing tool to manage your downloads on your android device. 1DM is a freemium app. Many of its features have limitations that you can extend with the paid version. The best thing about 1DM is that it can support up to 16 threads to speed up the downloads. It has ads on the free version on the bottom part of the screen, which can be a deal-breaker for a few people. 

It has a built-in browser, music, and video players, file manager, and much more. You can pause and resume your downloads any number of times without any worry. You can use this to download torrents as well, and it supports up to five simultaneous downloads. It’s tried, party tracker block feature is really helpful in keeping your data safe. Overall, a really good download manager but a few limitations.


Which Download Manager is best for Android?

Free Download Manager (FDM) is the best one you can find for Android.

Is IDM available for Android?

Yes. IDM has been changed to 1DM and you can get the app directly from the Google Play Store

What is the use of download manager in Android?

There are so many features to manage the downloads including, faster download speeds, setting bandwidth, scheduling, limiting downloading speed, pausing and resuming downloads, and just so much more. You get to control all of the things while downloading a file. 

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