6 Best Free Document Scanner Apps for Android to Scan

Mobile or smartphone scanning applications can be really helpful at times especially when you are in a rush and the document or whatever the file to be sent is quite essential. These days, scanning apps have been essential for every user. There are plenty of best free document scanner apps for android users which can be really beneficial if the user tends to use it regularly. 

Users can literally replace hundreds of pages worth of documents with a .pdf file on the smartphone, which is easy to access without any hassle. Hence, if you are looking for some of the best document scanner apps, below are plenty of them.

1. Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan

The free Adobe Scan application turns your smartphone into a mobile scanner. You can specify automatic scanning in the menu bar below the image whether it is a document, a form, a business card, or a whiteboard. In addition, you can set whether the app should automatically scan your objects or not.

Once the scan has been created, you can edit it directly. For example, you can adjust the limit, rotate the file or apply a filter. It is then saved as a PDF file. You can find all of your scanned images in the menu under Scans, where you can release the documents via link or email or integrate them into Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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2. Microsoft Lens

Microsoft Lens

It is as if you had a portable scanner since it makes it easy for you to digitize documents, in addition, this app automatically applies colors to your images for better contrast, cuts and cleans the shadows and Best of all, the already scanned image is saved to OneDrive, OneNote, or on the device.

Microsoft Lens Options

Office Lens or MS Lens can convert images into PowerPoint, PDF, and Word files and it is one of the upper hands that this scanner possesses because no scanner can directly convert scanned images or documents into MS Word files or even into MS Powerpoint files. It also uses some of the advanced automated features to scan the object or document more efficiently i.e. OCR- Optical Character recognition.

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3. Google Drive

Google Drive

You must have Google Drive pre-installed on your android device which is quite a usual thing because most of the Google apps are pre-installed and most of the users might not know this, but Drive has a widget that allows users to scan documents and through that widget, users can directly upload the scanned document too, to the drive.

For a widget, it is quite unnoticed, and is surprised that it is more offering than it seems. You can create multi-page PDF documents, enhance the image and adjust the document with quite ease. It works pretty fast, with the only downside being that the files are uploaded to Google Drive before you can share them with other apps or users or access them in your system, hence internet connection is a must.

Check Out: Google Drive

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4. Tap Scanner

Tap Scanner

With Tap Scanner, you can digitize all kinds of documents and images. All scanned documents are saved to your phone as an image or as a PDF file. You can name and organize your scans in folders or share them via email, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Box, via Wifi. 

You will be able to scan in color, grayscale, and B/W. It automatically detects the edges, has 5 levels of contrast, protects your documents with a password, and so on. In addition, it is one of the lightweight scanners which won’t eat up much memory and you can expect a smooth experience with optimum results.

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5. Genius Scan

Genius Scan

This application includes intelligent page detection, file correction, and image enhancement. It also allows you to organize and export documents safely. Among its key functions is the detection of the page frame, which cuts and corrects in the file itself before saving. The customer service is also quite impressive being a free-of-cost app the developers tend to respond to the users quite frequently on the play store.

Also, just like any good scanner the application removes unnecessary elements from the background and improves the readability of the document be it black & white. Also, you can share the document or export it to Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Google Drive, or E-mail.

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6. Document Scanner

Genius Scan

If you are in your office and need to get out of trouble with a document with professional touches, this is your application for its optimizations and improvements. Enhancements include smart cropping, PDF in different modes like black and white, lighten, color, and dark. Overall it is a magnificent application to scan documents on Android.

Convert scans into crisp, clear PDF. Also, it tends to scan QR codes that are decent enough. Hence, if you are looking for a multifunctional scanner then this is surely one of the apps you should be considering the functionalities it offers, yet the offerings are quite satisfactory despite being less in number.

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