5 Best Free Blue Light Filter Software For PC

You spend countless hours staring at your PC screen, and with that comes the problems like eye strain, dry eyes, or occasional headaches. But did you know there’s a simple solution to all of these problems? Rather than reducing the time you spend on your PC, you can simply use a blue light filter. This will shield your eyes from the harmful blue light from your PC screen.

A blue light filter, like its name, filters the blue light which makes the PC screen yellowish. This might not look very good but it’s the best for your eyes. So, I decided to try some of this software myself and see how effective they are and what features they offer. You can refer to this list to find the best one for yourself. So, let’s get started. 

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1. f.lux

Developer: F.lux Software LLC
Price: Free
  • f.lux Screenshot

I’ve been using f.lux for quite a while now and I must say, it’s the best blue light filter I’ve ever used. It’s an interesting app because it works based on your exact locations. So you basically just put the city name or coordinates into it and it will automatically do the changes in the screen. 

During sunsets, it will make your screen look like indoor lights and it makes your screen look like indoor lights during sunsets. So you just install it and forget about it. Of course, you can manually make the changes as well. Overall, I loved this software and its easy-to-use interface. A must-have for everyone. 

2. Windows Night Light

Windows Night Light

Windows has an inbuilt blue light filter that goes by the name Night Light. It will show you warmer colors which are easy on your eyes. This will not work if your PC uses drivers like DisplayLink or Basic Display or you have HDR turned on. It might not be as strong or effective as f.lux but it’s a decent one and you can just activate it in your system settings. 

To use it, go to Settings > System > Display > Night Light > and turn it on. You can increase or decrease the strength of the filter as well. Unlike f.lux, it won’t work automatically according to the time, if you turn it on it will be on every time. But there’s an option to schedule it according to your usage. Overall, it’s a decent one with all the basic features. 

3. Iris Mini

iris Mini interface

Iris Mini is one of the best blue light filters because of how easy and simplistic it is. You simply install and you would be able to see the icon in the notification area of the taskbar. Simply right-click on it and you’d be able to see all the different modes it has. It’s probably the most user-friendly blue light filter you can find, but that’s not all. it gives you a wide range of features. 

You can choose the strength of the filter and set how bright or dim you want your screen to be.  There’s an automatic mode as well which will turn it on/off and set the modes according to your time. This is what I prefer and recommend using so that you won’t forget to turn it on. Iris Mini, being free software, offers so many features in a simplistic interface, and that is what makes it one of the best.

Try Iris Mini

4. Lightbulb 

Lightbulb interface

Lightbulb is open-source software that is available on Github.  But what makes it unique is that it makes the changes on your screen smoothly without you even noticing it. A distinct color temperature is set during the night time and in the day it smoothly transitions back to the bright colors to match the artificial light sources around you. 

It is simple, effective, and feature-packed. You get all different presets to choose from and customize a schedule. You can have some different options like gamma polling, temperature smoothing, and other things which are missing on other software in the list. So, if you’re looking for an open-source solution then this is the one to go with. 

Try LightZone

5. SunsetScreen 

SunsetScreen interface

SunsetScreen is another great software for blue light filtering. It helps to take the blue glare off your PC screen during the evening and makes the screen easy on the eyes. And like other software, you can manually set the schedule as well as change things like brightness, and sunset color separately for day and night. There are multiple presets here as well which you can use.

You can choose from candle night, moonlight, and more or customize them and make your own presets. The interface is not complex at all and even first-time users can easily understand and use it. Overall the software is really easy, effective, and does the job for you. I recommend this to whoever is looking for a blue light filter with more presets and customization.  

Download SunsetScreen


Does Windows have a built-in blue light filter?

Yes, Windows comes with an inbuilt blue light filter called Windows Night Light. 

Can blue light filters help in maintaining the sleep cycle?

If your sleep cycle gets disturbed because you’re using a PC before bed then it may be a reason for your disturbed sleep cycle. A blue light filter can help you in such cases. 

Does blue light filter help eye strain?

Yes, A blue light filter is really good for the eyes and can help you reduce eye strain. 

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