5 Free Alternatives For Google Photos to Store Photos

If you’re reading this then you already know Google used to give unlimited storage on Google Photos, but that won’t be the case anymore. With only 15GB of storage, you won’t be able to save all your photos and stuff, but the good news is that Google Photos isn’t the only storage service. There are hundreds of other popular storage services. 

So, I decided to check some of them out and rank them in a list. So, if you’re looking for the best Google Photos alternatives then you have landed on the right page. One thing to note is that not all of these services offer unlimited storage, however, what they offer should be more than enough for you. Let’s check them out. 

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1. Degoo


Degoo is one of the best alternatives that you should be considering. It offers 100GB of free cloud storage to the users and I think that will be enough for most of the users. It offers much more than what other competitors offer, leaving it as an unbeatable cloud storage service. However, in the free version, it’ll show you ads which can be annoying at times. 

Degoo claims it uses end-to-end encryption for all the files and it’s completely safe to upload all kinds of photos. You can also turn on automatic backup for your photos and you don’t have to do anything manually.

Degoo Automatic Backup

Degoo is available for Android, iOS, and web. Overall, it’s a great app with amazing features. If you’re looking for the best alternative to Google photos then this is it. 

Check Out: Degoo

2. Mega 


Mega isn’t a direct alternative to Google Photos, but the reason why I included it in this list is that you get 20GB of free storage and you can earn more storage by referring to your friends. You get many security features with Mega and that makes it completely safe for storing all your photos and more. Its interface isn’t the best for photos and will give you a Google Drive-like feel.

It packs tons of features like encrypted messenger and collaborations with other users. You can easily share your files with anyone. You get auto backup, file versioning, and conference calls in private mode. The free version doesn’t show any kinds of ads so that is always a good thing. Overall, it’s decent cloud storage for storing photos, and you can definitely check it out. 

Check Out: Mega

3. Flickr


Flickr has been the go-to platform for all photographers for so many years. But it offers so much for normal users like us and it failed to gain popularity. And with Google Photos going rogue, Flickr has the opportunity to take over that gap. Flickr offers you free storage for 1000 photos and I think that can be enough for a few years. 

Of course, you can upgrade to Flickr Pro which isn’t very expensive but it makes more sense for professional photographers. It has tons of features including auto-sync, file sharing, and more. But you will really love its interface. The app is very user-friendly and fast. All in all, Flickr is a great alternative if you only have a limited number of photos to store. 

Check Out: Flickr

4. TeraBox

TeraBox, formerly called Dubox, is one of the least-known cloud storage services. It offers you 1TB of free storage for photos and videos, which may sound sketchy for some, but it’s legitimate. And that should be enough for most of the users for storing photos, videos, and other files. You can save all of your files, folders, and more and you don’t even have to worry about exhausting the storage. 

It may lack some features in the free versions, like not having an auto backup for the videos. But apart from that, there aren’t any major drawbacks. The interface is clean and easy to use, which is exactly what most of us would want. Using it will make you feel like using the native file manager, but that’s a good thing in a way. Overall, it’s a really great app that you must check out. 

Check Out: TeraBox

5. Jio Cloud

Jio Cloud

Jio is a known brand in the Indian tech world, but not many people know that Jio has its own cloud storage called Jio Cloud. It’s a decent cloud service that offers you 5GB when you sign up. But what’s interesting is that you can increase that storage by referring to your friends. You can refer up to 5 people at max and for each referral, you get 10GB. So that makes it 55GB in total!

It’s more than enough for storing all your photos, and its security features make it even better. You can use 2FA, fingerprint lock, pattern lock, and more in the app itself. The app is easy to use and has a really well-organized file management system. You might miss its lack of interaction with other apps, but apart from that, Jio Cloud is really an alternative to Google Drive and you must check it out.

Check Out: Jio Cloud


Will Google Photos be free again?

Google Photos is free but you will get limited storage of 15GB, not unlimited any more. 

How do I get more Google Photos for free?

There aren’t any methods to increase your Google Photos storage for free, but you can always opt for its alternatives.

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