7 Best Driver Updater For Windows to Update Drivers

How many times have you tried to do a certain task on your PC and it has prompted “drivers missing” or “Please update drivers”? Very often, right? 

Without the Best Driver Updater For Windows 10, the operating system cannot detect any attached hardware or peripherals, or will not know what commands to send you to make it work. For this reason, it is vitally important to keep the drivers always up-to-date and in perfect condition, so that the equipment works normally. Using an incorrect or improperly installed driver can lead to system instability, malfunctions, and the dreaded Windows blue screen.

What is a driver and why do you have to update it?

A driver or controller is a small file present in each component, accessory, and hardware of your computer. Its function is to make a ‘link’ between the operating system you have installed and the installed hardware or peripherals, both internal and external. For this, these files have information with which your operating system knows what is connected, how to get to the component to use it, and how it works or what it can do with each one.

It is therefore a very important type of information for your computer to function properly. Windows 10 will always try to identify each component you connect and automatically download its drivers to make it work properly. Without these drivers, the components would not work, and if they fail you will have problems when using them. 

Windows OS usually takes care of automatically updating drivers through Windows Update. In fact, it is always the safest and easiest alternative when doing it. However, if you are experiencing any problem updating drivers, you may need a little help from third-party applications.

6 Best Driver Updater For Windows 10

ToolDriver DatabaseAutomatic UpdatesDriver BackupAccurate Updates
Driver Genius1,500,000Yes
Driver Easy8,000,000+Yes
Driver Booster3,000,000+Yes
Auslogics Driver UpdaterN/AYes
Advanced Driver Updater4,000,000+No
Avira Driver UpdaterN/ANo

1. Driver Genius

Driver Genius

With just a few mouse clicks, Driver Genius Professional finds, installs, and updates the drivers on your PC that the PC cannot find on its own. It also scans your PC and recommends the most suitable drivers for it from a comprehensive database of thousands of different drivers that are regularly monitored and updated by the manufacturers. 

Driver Genius Professional is probably the best driver updater tool for windows and comes with a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and operate. Navigation is simplified by various menus and buttons. It is displayed in a double pane window, reminiscent of Windows Explorer and other similar programs, and makes it possible for most people to jump right. To keep things simple, it’s not overloaded with too many graphics or options, and it creates for quick execution on any computer.

The scanning process is quick and allows you to download the latest driver updates in just a few moments. And it allows you to update the drivers one at a time, or all at once.

One of the most useful features of Driver Genius Professional is its ability to backup and restore drivers. This allows you to update your computer after you have installed or updated your Windows operating system. There are several different backup formats available for advanced users, such as ZIP archives, self-extracting archives, and automatic installer. The restoration process is really simple since it only requires a few clicks from the user.

Driver Genius also comes with support for multiple languages ​​like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Hungarian, Czech and Arabic, and English.

Main features:

  • It backs up the older drivers before installing new ones
  • It has a huge database of drivers, available for each and every component of your pc
  • It creates a restore option in case you want to install the old drivers
Easy to use UIOne-click update available only in pro-version
Restoration optionDownloading speed is limited in the free version
Fetches the drivers from trusted sources.Less driver detection

Try Driver Genius

2. Driver Easy

Driver Easy

If we want an alternative that does not reserve some of its best features for a paid version, then you may be interested in Driver Easy. It is considered to be the best-paid driver updater windows 10. It has an extremely user-friendly interface, smooth navigation, and is compatible with all versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10.

It has a basic interface in which we are only informed of how many controllers we can update and it offers us a single button to perform the operation. If you are looking for a free application, the DriverEasy is the best driver updater tool for windows. It offers many features that are missing in other free tools.

Driver Easy checks for updates for Windows drivers. Schedule a scan to find outdated drivers and you will be prompted to download an update. You can schedule a scan daily, weekly, monthly when the computer is idle, or even every time you log into Windows.

Driver Easy downloads the drivers from within the program without opening an external web browser. It also removes old and outdated drivers from your PC so that you won’t have much unnecessary occupied space. 

Furthermore, it fixes all kinds of driver-related problems with just one click, but this feature is only available if you are a premium user. It has a huge collection of drivers, for every peripheral of your PC. All the drivers in this application are trusted, certified, and are fully compatible with your Windows PC.

There are also additional features included in Driver Easy, such as viewing hardware information and checking for driver updates when you don’t have an Internet connection. Driver Easy runs on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.

Main Features:

  • You can schedule the automatic driver update time
  • The application displays real-time hardware information
  • It doesn’t use an external browser for downloading
  • It shows complete system information 
You can even scan for drivers while the device is offlineRequires user to update driver one after another (in the free version)
Supports all versions of Windows OSNo option to backup old drivers
30-days money-back guaranteeThe detector is not very accurate

Try Driver Easy

3. Driver Booster


Driver Booster is the best driver updater tool for windows because of many reasons. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and makes it easy to update drivers.

This application has been designed so that we can update all the drivers of our Windows computer without complications. In it, you can find drivers for audio, video, or any other device that we have connected to the equipment.

This tool will take care of replacing the old drivers with their most current version, guaranteeing better system performance. In addition, to avoid accidents during the update, the program will take care of making a backup beforehand, so that we can recover it in the event of any mishap.

IObit Driver Booster has a free version that you can download from here. It also has a paid version, with a larger database and that allows drivers to be downloaded without a speed limit, among other improvements. All these features make it the best driver updater tool for windows.

Driver Booster automatically runs to find outdated drivers. When new updates appear, download them from the Driver Booster program to prevent them from being downloaded manually.

Before you install a driver, you can see how the new version of the driver compares to the currently installed driver, which is helpful. Driver Booster creates a restore point before installing a driver in case something goes wrong with the installation.

There is an option in settings to install the drivers in the background, which hides the installation wizards and other pop-up messages. This is handy so you don’t have to click through as many windows when installing new drivers.

Main features:

  • It finds out all outdated drivers in one click
  • It downloads drivers from authentic and trustworthy sources
  • Can run in the background without disturbing the user
Downloads the drivers from the application itselfInternet connection is required to check for driver updates  
It creates a restore point before updating driversInstallation time is long 
It can scan for outdated drivers on a scheduled basisIt occupies up too much space on the disk

Try Driver Booster

4.Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater is a complete solution for automatic driver updates. The Overview panel displays essential information about the drivers installed on your computer. Apart from that, it also shows basic information about your computer. From this panel, you can scan your computer for outdated drivers, and once you’ve scanned your computer, you can even update them from the same place.

Going down to Diagnostics, under this panel you get detailed information about outdated drivers. A list of outdated drivers is prepared along with available actions and driver status. You can update them all at once by simply hitting the “Update All” button or you can update the drivers manually by going to the corresponding actions of the drivers.

Auslogics Driver Updater comes with free 24×7 live support from computer experts. With the help of experts, you can fix drivers, clean your Windows PC, configure protection, install printers, and much more. The instant calling service is available for free only in the US and Canada, but you can still use the free instant chat service which is also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Overall, Auslogics Driver Updater is an automatic installer that allows you to keep your PC always up to date and fully optimized. The scan is free, but to fix the problems, you will have to purchase the software.

Main Features:

  • A database of 20,000 drivers
  • Reliable sources for drivers
  • Prevents the installation of unsigned drivers
  • Backups created to ensure safety 
  • Fully automatic updates 
  • Guarantee of compatibility with the model and version of your device.
Automatic maintenance supportOnly has 6 interface languages
Creates automatic restore pointsVery few features in the free version
Driver state dashboardSubscription is a bit costly

Try Auslogics Driver Updater

5. Advanced Driver Updater

Advanced Driver Updater

This driver updater software for windows 10 is developed and published by Systweak Software. It is a convenient software to update the drivers of your computer. Just scan the system using this software, and it will identify outdated drivers. Once you provide the necessary permissions, it will update them for you. It is available in many languages ​​such as French, Spanish, Italian, etc. and it is compatible with all versions of Windows. It is one of the best-paid driver updater windows 10 and many of the features are limited to paid users only.

It is another highly recommended tool to keep your PC drivers correctly updated. It has a very friendly and easy-to-use interface that will show you if you have any outdated or obsolete drivers. In that case, with a simple click, you can update it. It is free software, although it also has a paid version. 

Most of the tools in the list do the automatic management of drivers on the computer. However, Advanced Driver Updater leaves it up to the user to have control over downloads and updates. But it coincides with the rest in that it analyzes the hardware components and, once analyzed, it returns a list of the drivers that require installation. 

In addition, it suggests updates when a more updated driver has been found that could give us greater performance or. For example, it solves operating and compatibility problems for certain hardware components.

You can get it from the official website of the developer and it works perfectly with all the versions of the Windows operating system.

Main features:

  • Scans the whole system with one click
  • Clean UI, easy for the naive users
  • Provides a recovery tool for drivers
  • Repairs all driver related issues
Allows you to install outdated drivers even when offline.Outdated driver search program cannot be customized
Downloads are done quicklyBulk download is not supported
Drivers require user’s permissionDrivers must be downloaded manually

Try Advanced Driver Updater

6. Avira Driver Updater

Avira Driver Updater

It another free, and easy to use driver updater for your PC with which to keep up to date with the drivers of our Windows PC. Although it has a somewhat dated interface, it does the job for you. This application can search, locate, download, and install all the drivers that are missing or out of date on our computer. It also has some additional features such as restarting the computer automatically once you have updated any driver.

Avira Updater Pro offers automatic “one-click” updates for your drivers and software, making it easy to review the drivers and update them. From the beginning, Avira Software Updater Pro detects and notifies you of any problems with outdated software programs, the operating system, or the drivers on your PC or laptop. If you are looking for the best driver updater tool for windows, then your search is going to end here.

Users can install updates easily with a single click. It is your choice which software and drivers can be automatically updated. Avira Software Updater checks for updates from more than 150 different applications and programs and supports drivers for each device in your PC.

Avira Driver Updater is compatible with all versions of the Windows OS, ranging from XP to 10. It has both free and paid applications that you can download from its official website. 

Main features:

  • Scans for bad and outdated drivers
  • Checks automatically outdated drivers at source
  • Create restore points before every update
  • Audio, video, graphics, printers, keyboards, has drivers for all parts of the computer.
It downloads drivers from the application itself (not from the browser)Scheduling for automatic scans are not supported
No ads in free versionIt doesn’t have very intriguing UI
Supports offline driver installationsYou can’t download all drivers at a tie in free version

7. DriverFinder

Driver Finder

Driver Finder is a free software for Windows PC that scans the hard drive of the computer and checks if there are new updates available for the drivers. This driver updater software for windows 10 is best known for its detailed scanning, as it can locate unidentified drivers that are generally not detected by the default Windows Device Manager. 

This complete software will serve us to make backup copies of all our Windows drivers. In this way, if at any time we have problems with a driver on our computer, we can reinstall it without having to search for and download them manually, since it will be enough to restore the backup made. With Free Driver Backup we can back up any system controller, be it video, audio, network, Bluetooth, mouse, keyboard, etc. 

In addition, it is also possible to back up cookies, Microsoft Edge favorites, and few other data. All these add-ons make it the best paid driver updater windows 10.

It is a very simple and useful tool that not only allows you to consult detailed information about the drivers installed on your PC. It also helps you easily backup, restore, and save the chosen drivers.

The application will automatically scan for any necessary updates, automatically download the updates, and install them automatically. The best thing about Driver Finder is its huge database. There is absolutely nothing that you can not find in this application. This makes Driver Finder the best driver updater tool for windows. Driver Finder’s database includes almost all major hardware device manufacturers and currently has drivers for more than 13 million devices and PCs. All your driver errors are going to end now. 

Main features:

  • Easy to use UI
  • The application is available in multiple languages
  • The application offers good downloads speeds are good
Drivers are downloaded from within the appTakes more time to find the right drivers
Obsolete drivers are checked when the computer is idle.Limit number of driver downloads
The program is easy to understandNo bulk download option

Try Driver Finder


Which is the best driver update software?

Driver Genius is the best option to go with. Most other tools limit their download speeds in a free version, unlike Driver Genius.

Does Windows 10 have a driver updater?

Yes, Windows 10 can auto-download drivers in the background. However, it is not always accurate to solve your driver-related issues. It is always convenient to use third-party applications. 

How can I update my drivers in Windows 10?

You can update drivers of your PC manually in the “Device Manager” section of windows 10, or you can use any 3rd party application like Driver Booster for convenience. 

What is the best driver updater for windows 10?

Driver Easy and Driver Booster are two of the best driver updater software for windows 10. You can also choose Driver Genius if you are looking for a paid tool.

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