7 Best Dictionary Apps For Android Users

We all are definitely familiar with the word “Dictionary”. Dictionary is a huge collection of words listed in alphabetical order. It can be considered as a huge database of words, meanings, pronunciation, spelling, etc. Dictionaries are categorized even on the basis of languages.
So, Are you reading a book or an article in a newspaper wondering about the meaning of some word you came across? Don’t worry, here I bring to you a list of some useful apps that can be accessed easily on your android phones.

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1. Oxford Dictionary of English

Oxford Dictionary of English

The Oxford Dictionary of English contains a wide range of words and their meanings. It has a huge database of over 350,00 words and over 75,000 pronunciations. The app provides many features like the favorite option that would record all the words searched by you.
Moreover, features like voice search, camera search, multiple filters, keyword searches, and many more make it one of the most powerful and user-friendly apps for vocabulary builders.

Check Out: Oxford Dictionary

2. WordWeb Dictionary

WordWeb Dictionary

This app is another most preferred platform for getting familiar with new words you come across. One can browse words based on their synonyms, vowels, keywords, nouns, pronouns, etc.
As you type the word you are searching for, the app provides you with a list of words that sound similar or are often confused. The app is absolutely free and it is a user-friendly platform that is very useful for profound readers.

Check Out: WordWeb Dictionary

3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Merriam Webster Dictionary

Have you come across the website “Merriam-Webster” while browsing on Google (or maybe some other browser) to find the meaning of some word. Yes, it’s the same website in the form of an app where you would receive the exact meaning of words just in a few clicks.
As usual, it has features like voice searches, the favorite menu storing your recent word searches, audio pronunciations, and many such features. But this app is of great help if one wants to test their vocabulary too.

The app contains fun quizzes that are helpful in building your vocabulary in a fun way, and you may even come across many new words.

Check Out: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

4. Dictionary.com


This app is another highly trusted app by Android users. It provides you with features like voice searches, word of the day, audio pronunciations, spelling help, and even help with grammar.
Also, do you want to make your learning extra fun? Here is an app that can increase your vocabulary through fun games like word puzzles and wordplay. This app is accessible even when one is offline, thereby making it a very handy application. A totally free app, but for extra features like finding example sentences, idioms, and phrases, one needs to upgrade to the Pro app.

Check Out: Dictionary.com

5. Arcus Dictionary

Arcus Dictionary

Arcus Dictionary is another one of the fastest English dictionary apps, that provides you with the meanings of searched words in just a few clicks. One needs to just browse the words, or could even words search and find the exact meaning of words.
The app also supports word hyperlinking, sharing, and customization options. The app is free for browsing word meanings and for accessing more features, one needs to access the pro version of the app.

Check Out: Arcus Dictionary

6. Dictionary By Farlex

Dictionary By

Another app that could be considered similar to dictionary.com. This app has innumerable features like word of the day, the idiom of the day, audio pronunciations, example sentences, etymologies, various dictionaries in various domains like science, legal, finance, medical, etc.

Moreover, the app grants its users unlimited offline access. One can watch idioms in action and access dictionaries in many languages, too.

Check Out: Dictionary By Farlex

7. Offline English Dictionary

Offline English Dictionary Vocapture

As the name suggests, the app is accessible when you are offline and you can access myriad features on this app.

The app provides you with features like voice searching, English spelling help, including more than 20,000 idioms and phrases, example sentences, and clear accurate definitions of all words searched. Another user-friendly app with few features but provides the necessities to a reader.

Check Out: Offline English Dictionary


Does Android have a built-in dictionary?

No, Android doesn’t have a built-in dictionary. Hence, one has to depend on third-party apps by downloading them from Google Play Store.

What are some best multilingual dictionary android apps?

Some of the best multilingual android dictionary apps are WordReference dictionary, Dictionary linguee, free dictionary offline, and my dictionary Polyglot.


As a profound reader, I realize and understand the importance of a dictionary in a reader’s life. One time or the other you may have realized how exhausting it becomes to find the meanings of words in our pocket dictionary. These apps make the readers work very easily, as we get all the meanings of words in just a click. Hope this article helps you to identify the best Dictionary app according to your preferences. Happy reading!!

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