11 Very Useful and Best Chrome Extensions for Developers

If you are a developer then you must need tools to do your developments or testing which will save a lot of your time, Small tools play very significant roles for a developer, and extensions as a tool are mostly used by developers. Extensions add incredible features, and many extra functions for development, testing, debugging, etc, and it also saves a lot of time.

Since most of developers prefer the Google Chrome browser so I am here with the 11 very useful and best google chrome Extensions for developers which will help you for your development, testing, or in other things and also save a lot of your precious time.

1. Web Developer

Web Developer

Web Developer is the most useful extension used by most of professional web developers, there is a wide variety of features and functions in it where you can perform many more actions or get any information about the web page, there are multiple tabs that include many options.

Here you can work with JavaScript, CSS, HTML Tags, Images, Forms, Cookies, Resizing tools, and many more tools you can also disable, edit, view, or delete these things. You can view more options by checking out the extension.

Check Out : Web Developer

2. Wappalyzer


Wappalyzer is a tool that will help you to know about the technologies used by any website, like the Programming languages, Web servers, Databases, CMS, JavaScript or CSS libraries, Security, Analytics, Font scripts, Proxies, etc used by the website.

Check Out: Wappalyzer

3. JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter

This extension will be very helpful while working with a JSON file or JSON data on chrome, it makes the raw JSON data in a readable form which helps more while working with that type of data, it makes all the links for direct viewing by clicking on the link. Also, it highlights all the texts or other data in different colours which helps a lot while reading or viewing it.

Check Out: JSON Formatter

4. React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools

React Developer Tools is the most useful and can be very helpful for React developers, it only works on web pages built with ReactJS.

It is too useful for viewing all the components of ReactJS used in the web page and it also shows all the props and states passed with that component.

And also there is Profiler which will help you to measure how often a React App renders and the rendering cost of that part of the React tree on which you have added the Profiler, you must have to add Profiler to your React tree, it can be added anywhere in the React tree. The profiler will also help you to identify the parts of the app that are slow which will be beneficial for memoization or any other optimizations.

How to use it?

Firstly download the extension and after that open any page made with ReactJS or open any React App on google chrome, then go to developers tools or inspect (Ctrl+shift+I), here you can see the Components and Profiler tab from where you can work with it.

Check Out: React Developer Tools

5. Window Resizer

Window Resizer

This is another helpful extension for designers who works with media device viewports, while you are designing any website and making that responsive for different media devices then this tool will help for previewing the page in different viewport sizes.

Check Out: Window Resizer

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6. CSSViewer


CSSViewer is also a magic tool on its own, this will be very helpful when you are designing and you viewed any element design on any page and you just want to know the styles used on that element or in other cases if you are designing a page in reference of any other page or if you are cloning any page, in these cases, you must have to know the styles used in different elements on the page. So this extension will help you to know about the styles of different elements.

To use this, download the extension and click on the extension then hover over any element on the page, the extension will automatically show the styles used in the element, and after that, you can again click the extension for closing it.

Check Out: CSSViewer

7. ColorZilla


If you visited any website and there you liked any colour and you don’t know about the colour that colour hex code or RBG values used or if in any case, you want to know about the colour used in any element then this tool will help you to know about that colour.

For using it, just click on the extension and after that hover over any coloured element and it will show you the colour hex code as well as the RGB value.

Check Out: ColorZilla

8. WhatFont


The font is a very important thing to show any website impressive and choosing a good-looking font sometimes feels tricky and choosing before choosing a good font we need to get to know about the different types of fonts. In daily life, we visit a lot of websites, and on any website, if you see a good-looking font and want to use that font you have to know about that font. So for that, this extension will help to know about the font used there.

To use this, just click the extension and hover over any text, it will automatically show the font used on that text.

Check Out: WhatFont

9. JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier

JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier

When you are looking at the JavaScript or CSS code of any website from the Page Source of that website and sometimes the codes are messed up, there are not any spacing or line breaks, at that time code is very complicated to read and if you want to make it easy then this extension will help you to beautify that code into a simple readable code.

For using it, Go to the page source of the website, open any JavaScript or CSS page source page and then click on “Beautify Now!” present on the top of that page, and then it will automatically convert that messy code into a simple readable code.

Check Out: JavaScript and CSS Code Beautifier

10. Check My Links

Check My Links

This extension will be helpful when you want to check all the links present on the website it also highlights where the links are used and also checks for valid links as well as invalid links on the webpage.

Check Out: Check My Links

11. Lighthouse

Website Report by Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a Report Viewer by google on which you can generate a report for your website where you get to know about Performance, Accessibility, Best practices, SEO, PWA, and many more. You will get to see all types of errors and warnings which affects your website, and also it gives scores for your website. If your scores are low then you can work on your website to improve the scores and after that, you can make your website more Performable, and Accessible, your website will work faster and you can rank your page as well.

Check Out: Lighthouse for Google Chrome

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