5 Best Chrome Extension For Screenshots & Annotations

We all know that windows have a built-in snipping tool. It’s suitable for taking shorts of active windows, but if you want to take screenshots of the complete website or some parts of the website, or even scrolling snaps, chrome add-ons are the best way to achieve this!

So in this article, we’ll go over the best chrome extension for screenshots that let you capture full-page screen screenshots, save particular parts, and more.

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1. Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshots

Awesome Screenshot and Screen Recorder is considered one of the best addons for taking screenshots, not only offers a short screen tool but also offers a feature-rich screen recorder.

The add-on lets you capture the visible part of the website or entire page screenshot and even the ability to capture a particular area.

Awesome Screenshot Edit Options

Along with that it even offers great options for adding annotations to your screenshots, like adding arrows, highlighting text, and even adding your picture on top of your screenshot.

Check Out: Awesome Screenshot

2. Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Nimbus Screenshot 1

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder is another simple yet powerful tool for capturing screenshots of web pages

Some best features of Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder include the option to take screenshots of the visible parts of the page, select an area, or the entire page, take scrolling screenshots and even option to take desktop screenshots plus it has perfect annotation tool too. 

It even has the option to upload the screenshots to its servers so you can quickly share the screenshots with your friends via a link.

Check Out: Nimbus Screenshot

3. GoFullPage

Go Full Page in Action

If you are just looking for a tool to capture full-page screenshots GoFullPage – Full Page Screen Capture is made right for you! As the name suggests this tool lets you capture full-page screenshots with just a click, and then it even allows you to save them as a jpeg or as a pdf file. This does not compromise on quality!

Go Full Page Screenshot

Check Out: GoFullPage

4. FireShot

FireShot Save Screenshots Options

Fireshot is another popular screenshotting extension for capturing snaps of your website.

It even includes options to capture the entire webpage, capture visible parts, or capture your own area, then you can directly save it to your clipboard, download the jpeg or png file or even save it as a pdf.

It even has options to annotate, and share directly with other apps installed on your device but it’s locked behind a paywall. Though the free version would be fine for most users.

Webpage Screenshot Editing Options

If you are looking for an add-on to take shorts from the right-click context menu and copy them to the clipboard with a click, this might be useful for you.

Check Out: FireShot

5. Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot

Webpage Screenshot – Entire page screenshot is a simple yet amazing extension to take screenshots of your opening web pages, just like any other addon it even contains an option to capture the visible part, take scrolling screenshots, take visible parts, and more.

It even contains a good amount of options to edit your captures like cropping the image, or drawing. 

Webpage Screenshot Editing Options 1

Check Out: Webpage Screenshot


Are screenshots addons safe?

In recent times, installing a random addon can be dangerous as all add-ons require a lot of permission to work, but don’t worry all the addons listed above are safe and have been personally tested.

How to take screenshots in Windows?

Yes, windows offer a tool called Snipping Tool, though they are useful for capturing screenshots of your open window, it still lacks features like long and scrolling screenshots of webpages, in that case, chrome extensions are here to save the day.

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