7 Best Calorie Tracker Apps For Android

In recent times, all of us have come to value our lives and health much more, especially after the outbreak of the pandemic. The pandemic not only helped us to value ourselves but also helped us to acknowledge many apps, gadgets through which we can track what we do, eat and so on. 

Fitness is more of a lifestyle now and people take more interest to have information about what they eat, drink and how they workout. It is said that workouts only result in 30-40% of our body being fit/healthy and the rest depends upon the diet or what we eat.  Hence, in this article, I will be listing the best apps through which you can keep track of calories and food you are having.

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1. My Fitness Pal

This app can be called one of the best app that can keep you up-to-date with all your calories intake and all the stuff regarding fitness. With a huge database of over 6 million edible items, that too with a good accuracy rate for the calorie count. It also syncs with all the tracking wearables which is a big add-on.

There are several unique features like scanning a packaged food and recognising the actual calorie count, getting a recipe as per your entered information and so on. Also, features like alerts for routines, workouts and the list just goes on. However, these features are included only in the premium version which will roughly cost around 6.99$/Month or 33.99$/Year. The free version does have the calorie tracker which might be enough at times.  

Check Out: My Fitness Pal

2. HealthifyMe

If you are into fitness and if you are searching for an app to track calories and stuff then this is one of the apps that you must have heard of. Being an India based app, this also has a speciality of featuring several traditional foods and recipes. The UI and listing of food items both are quite to the point and easy to manoeuvre. 

This app can be your complete trainer, with dieticians and nutritionists on board you can completely rest assured and follow as per their advice. However, this comes at a price, which is charged as per the period and the pack you opt for. However, as a calorie tracker, this app does the job quite well.

Check Out: HealthifyMe

3. Fittr

Fittr is also an India based app and you can refer to it as a pocket trainer. UI seems great and frequent alerts are also quite accurate which is just amazing. It can be a great daily to use app to track macros, protein, carbs and fats in the food that you eat. It comes under a few of the apps that are based on consultations, which is an add-on because you can expect quite accurate calorie counts.

Fittr slightly focuses more on consultations and charges accordingly. If you are active on social media platforms then, this app might sound familiar to you. The Fittr community could be one of the biggest groups to provide online consultations. In short, this app is a social media/fitness enthusiasts platform on its own. 

Check Out: Fittr

4. Lose It!

It has a comprehensive UI when it comes to tracking food, counting calories and showing all the data. This app provides a proper calorie intake as per your body weight, height and age, right through the beginning. Just like the app mentioned above, Lose It! also owns a huge database that enables users to scan any packaged item and get the most accurate calorie count of the food that is entered. 

It displays all the data in a very systematic way i.e. with the help of bar graphs or line graphs, which again is an add on because it just shows you the trajectory in which you are in. Overall, this app provides more than you want and can be a guide for you throughout your fitness journey. 

Check Out: Lose It!

5. Google Fit

Google Fit’s prime motive is to give you a thorough summary of how many calories you have burnt within the day, it analyses all your activities once you set the mode or run the app. It uses GPS on your android device that is already based on Google Services, this benefits the app a lot because it is a perfect match for the android device. 

You will find the UI as friendly as other regular Google apps. I would say it is more of an advanced tracker app because there might be times when you will feel that you don’t need these many features on an app. But, at the end of the day, it’s a Google service and it is deemed to be good. 

Check Out: Google Fit

6. Healthquad

This app might be unheard of, but if you are just searching for a tracker or a lite version of a full-fledged calorie tracker, then this might be the best app for you. The app once installed directly asks for all the information about your body i.e. weight, height, age and so on, to let you know whether you have to lose or gain.

Healthquad also connects with the sensors of the smartphone which increases the accuracy of tracking the daily activity such as steps, calories burnt, etc. It also has a “Club” section that allows users to go through leaderboards i.e. steps walked or calories burnt which is then compared and displayed.

Check Out: Healthquad

7. Fitbit

Fitbit is more of a calorie/activity-tracker app. But, if you can get quite accurate calorie counts out of it then why not use it. Fitbit also comes as a wearable fitness tracker, on the other hand, if you sync it with this app. You can get the best results regarding the number of calories burnt, taken and so on. However, it is also enough for you to use it as a calorie counter.

This app is also owned by Google. Hence, you can expect quite accurate results regarding all the features. When it comes to databases, we are already aware of how big Google is. 

Check Out: Fitbit


Which app provides the most accurate calorie count?

As per my views and experience, My Fitness Pal and Lose It!/Fittr.

Are calorie counter apps 100% accurate?

No, they are not. However, not even a doctor can be 100% accurate about the calorie in a food item, it is just the estimated count which can differ within the apps and similarly person to person. But, it is completely approximate.

What is the USP of a calorie counter app other than counting calories?

The food tracking i.e. what we eat or have eaten throughout the month or year. Many will come to know the allergies or cause of disease if they began to just track the food. 


Hence, these were some of the best apps to track and count calories within your smartphone. These apps will not only help you count the calories but also will lead you to a healthier and longer life.

Hence, If you found this article to be useful, then do share it with your friends and family so that they can have a conscious mind regarding what they eat regularly. 

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