5 Best Browsers For Android, Windows, macOS & iOS

The battle between the browsers is no longer dominated by Google Chrome, thanks to some notable browsers launched over the last few years. The new browsers now offer fast browsing speeds, better privacy, new features and so much more. 

So, in this article, I am going to talk about 5 of the Best Browsers For All Devices. I have tried all of these to finally make a ranking list. So, without wasting any time, let’s explore the roundup of the best browser available today. 

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1. Brave: Privacy & Data Saving

Brave Browser PC

Brave is one of the finest web browsers available today and tops the list of the best reasons. it blocks ads, trackers, and any pop-ups, and more by default. This increases your cyber security and makes your device more secure. It has a unique kind of reward system where users and content creators both can benefit. 


Since it blocks all kinds of ads and stuff, it helps in saving the battery of your device, and data usage is also minimized. Brave is steadily becoming a lovable browser for everyone. It has all the privacy features you would want from a browser.  All in all, its reward system in privacy features makes it stand out from the crowd. 

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2. Chrome: Sync Across Devices

Google Chrome PC

You just can’t ignore Google Chrome when you are talking about web browsers for all platforms. It packs a huge library of web extensions that just help you customize, add features, and just play around with its capabilities. And with the seamless Google service, you can sync passwords, bookmarks history, and more across devices. 


If you own more devices or just want your phone’s browsing data to be in sync with your PCs then Google Chrome should obviously be your first choice. But if you are someone who owns less RAM (4GB or less) then it may not be for you because it consumes a lot of RAM. But all in all, its syncing features and features make it one of the best in the business. 

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3. Microsoft Edge: Ultimate Battery Saver

Microsoft Edge PC

Microsoft Edge, which is deeply wired with Windows 10, is an amazing and efficient web browser. It has improved so much over the years, especially with resource usage. It consumes significantly less battery and RAM than all of the other browsers on the list. And features like these make it an ideal choice for laptop users. 

Microsoft Edge

Edge still boasts some of the old features like tab preview, tab saving, grouping, and more. You can monitor things like recent downloads, history, bookmarks accessible with its hub functionality. You can also use chrome extensions on Edge which is the best feature of all. Overall, it’s one of the best ones, and ignoring it will be unfair. Definity is worth trying. 

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4. Mozilla Firefox: Innovative Features

Mozila Firefox PC

Firefox has been there a long time and still continues to improve with privacy, efficiency, and security. It has been Chrome’s competitor for a long time. But what makes it unique is its massive haul of features. It is based on an open-source platform and Mozilla doesn’t share its user database with any advertisers, which is exactly what any user would want. 


It has sync features and a password manager like Google Chrome. But things like built-in Pocket for saving articles, reading and listening mode, Firefox Relay to prevent email exploitation, Multi Picture-in-Picture Mode, and Firefox containers make it one of the most feature-packed browsers. Overall, it’s a complete browser that is worth mentioning.  

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5. Opera: Countless Customizations

Opera Browser PC

Despite being one of the oldest browsers, Opera still isn’t the number choice for many users, but some recent developments have elevated the level of the Opera browser. What makes Opera stand out is its unique customization in the interface. You can literally customize everything in the browsers, making it give a total makeover. 


Its unique tool called Turbo saves time and data by bypassing the webpages to the Opera server and compressing them. Like chrome, it boasts a huge library of extensions that make it even better. It comes with a built-in ad blocker and unlimited VPN for safe browsing. Overall, it’s the best one if you’re looking for customization. 

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Which is the most used browser?

Chrome is currently the most used browser in the world, followed by Safari and Edge.

What is the safest browser to use?

Brave Browser is the safest browser to use right now. Although other browsers like Tor and Firefox are equally good in terms of safety and privacy. 

Is Firefox safer than chrome?

Yes. Overall, Firefox is safer to use than Chrome thanks to its privacy features.

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