6 Best Blue Light Filter Apps For Android Smartphone

You must have experienced headaches or rubbing of eyes in the middle of using your smart device. This mostly happens because of the blue light i.s. emitted by the screens of the devices. It can cause serious damage to our eyes and sleep schedule too. There are settings in the smartphones that can be tweaked a little and there can be a partial blue light filter for your eyes but, in the long run, you will face issues when you use the device outdoors.

Hence, in this article, I will be listing some of the best blue light filter apps for your android device which can help you have a good sleep and probably avoid headaches and any kind of eye problems. 

1. Twilight


Twilight has been around for a while now and is considered to be one of the best apps to tweak the blue light emitted by your smartphone screens. It adapts to all kinds of screens quite perfectly, which allows the users to enjoy using smartphones for a longer time without hurting the eyes.  

When it comes to usability, it is one of the best apps you can get for the purpose. On top of everything, with one tap, you can not even imagine how many kinds of changes you can apply to your screen. 

Check Out: Twilight

2. Darker


If you are searching for an app that allows you to get the best or the lowest of your smartphone’s screen then, this is surely the app you need. It can lower the brightness to the lowest that you can’t even imagine. In addition, you can apply any colour filter which comforts you, literally any colour. 

Being the lightest app of all, it surely overperforms. It is compatible with the modern-day screen and does the job exceptionally which is just remarkable because the size of this app tends to be even less than 500KB. 

Check Out: Darker

3. Blue Light Filter & Night Mode

Blue Light Filter Night Mode

This app allows you to alter the screen colour quite tremendously. It uses high grade AI to adapt to the screen be it AMOLED, LCD or IPS display, it performs just perfect with all kinds of screens that are used in modern-day smartphones. It features a combo of 5 anti-glare blue light flux which mostly will not pierce your eyes and hurt them. 

You can easily switch between profiles to directly change the temperature, intensity and brightness of the screen according to the conditions. However, there’s one boon and that has to be the Ads.

Check Out: Blue Light Filter

4. Night Screen

Night Screen

Night Screen is highly recommended to those who often chat late at night or frequently use their phone till late at night. This app helps you avoid severe head and eye aches which can further result in sleepless nights too. 

It dims the brightness of the screen to more than its extent and this is done using an overlay colour grading filter which allows the user to enjoy more screen time without any issues. Also, it is completely Ad-free as of now and does not charge any add-on fee.

Check Out: Night Screen

5. Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Blue Light Filter – Night Mode

Here is another app that will help you sleep well and will probably help you avoid eye and headaches. Quite simply designed app, lets you choose between several modes and allows you to increase or decrease the intensity of the filters according to your comfort zone. Also, the dimmer works quite impressively, it steeps the screen dimness to its lowest and eventually more than its limitation. Adapts the screen quite perfectly and you won’t even feel a budge while this app does the work for you by tweaking the screen.

Check Out: Night Mode

6. Night Owl

Night Owl

This is one of the coolest apps on the list. Just like any other blue light and dimmer filter app, this also works quite well to dim your screen and put an overlay filter to avoid the blue light emission off of your screen. Perfectly compatible with every other Android smartphone available in the market.

There’s a small feature i.e. “shake your phone” that allows you to instantly switch to your normal screen mode which is a very impressive yet very minor feature that makes a very good impact. Overall, it is one of the best apps in this category.

Check Out: Night Owl


Do Blue light filters damage mobile phones?

No, as such it can damage the phone. Yes, there can be bugs or lags when you use the app which is quite a basic issue and is very rare as well. It even allows the battery to drain slower because the colour grading changes and becomes very negligible.

Is the blue light filter app good for the eyes?

Partially yes, because I won’t say there is a screen that won’t damage your eyes when it is being used frequently. However, the filter blocks the blue light emission which can be helpful for our eyes. 

What colour is a blue light filter?

It is the amalgamation of yellow, orange and red which is done using high grading colour overlays, that entirely blocks the blue colour which is further called the blue light filter.


These were the best blue light filter apps you can get for your android device for free. Hence, share this article with your friends and family who are addicted to phones and to those who enjoy looking at the screen most of the time. 

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