6 Best & Free Audio Editing Apps For Android

As audio is a great deal within the content to deliver your message or your feeling, therefore editing the audio and intensifying it within the right spot becomes an essential task. Therefore, to ease your work we’ve stumbled upon the six best android apps that are free and user-friendly to edit audio files.

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1. Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis Audio Editor

Lexis audio editor is one of the most effective audio editing apps and it includes the options like compression of audio, ground noise reduction, merging of audio files, pitch ( low or high), totally different tones, vocals and speed of the audio. 

It is a simple editor app. Within the free version, you’ll be able to store your audio in any audio tag like WAV, M4A, FLAC, etc. One of the cons is that within the free version you can’t save the within mp3 audio extension.

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2. AudioLab Audio Editor

AudioLab Audio Editor

It is not just a simple audio editor app, it also includes audio creation with totally different audio files and additional features to record them. Easy user interfaces and meant for menu adjusted users, a special The advanced editing options like normalise, tempo, equaliser needs the premium version of this app. 

It supports every audio format you want like MP3, FLAC, WAV, etc. This app allows you to make mobile ringtones, music clips, add background music and another good feature is that you can undo and redo your actions done on your audio clip.

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3. Moises


To elevate your music ability the Moises audio editor is the best app. There are several splendid features like extracting the sound, analytic instruments, Al cords detection, count, trim and looping the music half. 

This app provides you with all the doable choices that a sound engineer desires, it’s a touch of skilled computer code. The only downside for this app is some restricted choices of audio files within the free version however the choices are a lot for a naive user and you’ll be able to simply edit the audio in any format.

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4. Dolby On

Dolby On

This app transforms your phone into a robust recording tool. You’ll be able to record the songs and merge the audio with video and edit those in a simple format. An upright choice to clear the ground noise and a user-friendly app. It boosts fullness and passes over with compression and professional limiting to attain ideal loudness. 

Also, there are several special options like Dynamic EQ’s, and spatial audio for tone and house. The one-string that this app cannot pull is the import and export time of the audio, it needs a little bit of time to process the audio you edit in this app.

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5. WavePad


Originally this app was for windows and currently, the corporate has stepped into the Android market. WavePad audio editor is one of the most effective audio written material apps within which you’ll be able to record your audio and add several effects to your audio. 

There are several excellent features like trimming, echo. We can apply reverb to the audio which produces an echo effect and reflects the sound in increased vocals in the recorded audio which are different vocals within the sound. There are some edges where this app will need an improvement, it can be more user-friendly and contain fewer ads.

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6. Audiosdroid

Audios droid

This app is for a skilled audio digital editor who corporates the editing material of audio in all the mentioned formats in all the options of editing audio. The app is enclosed alongside the Performance Improvement and fixes a number of the errors on their own. 

Here analyzing the audio takes place and AI recommends several other results to your voice which supplies you with the most effective expertise. The backside of this app is that pop-up ads recursively occur on your screen and frequent times there are difficulties in the mp3 format but it can be resolved by just changing the audio tags.

Now you can try any app listed above and get started editing your audio clips on your android device.

Check Out: Audiosdroid


Can I get a high level of audio editing from the phone?

This is the story for most of the people who want high quality from low-end devices like mobile phones. No matter how expensive or the latest app you use it depends on your editing skills and editing is a lot easier on PC than on your phone.

Can I edit my audio file online for free?

Yes, you can use online audio editors like Audio Trimmer, Audacity Audio Editor Online, Bear Audio Tool, etc.

How can I improve the sound quality of a recording?

I recommend using a good microphone and record in a closed environment that is not noisy. Make sure you don’t place your microphone too far from you. You can use a microphone stand if you need one.

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