3 Ways to Backup Contacts On Your Android Phone (Easily)

Just got a brand new android phone and want to transfer your contacts from your previous phone to this phone. Congratulations! you are in the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you exactly how you can backup or transfer contacts from one device to another very easily.

1. Google Contacts

Do you know Google maintains an application for backing up or syncing up your precious contacts between devices? It’s called Google Contacts actually! To use it, download Google Contacts from the Play Store. Open it along and just swipe down to refresh just like you refresh any social media feed, and your contacts will automatically be backed up to your Google Account, you can access your contacts on your other phones by first logging in with your same google account and then installing the Contacts again.

And to your surprise you can even view your contacts from your PC as well, just visit contacts.google.com from any modern web browser with your same google account logged in and your contacts are ready for you!

2. Smartphone Default Option

There’s a high chance your smartphone brand already provided a solution to back up your contacts as Xiaomi and Samsung do, though this might only work if you are doing a switch to the same phone brand, So it might not be that flexible all time but it does work. To backup and restore in Samsung phones follow up these steps:

1. Open settings then click on your “Samsung account”.

samsung account

2. Scroll down and tap on “Samsung Cloud”.

samsung cloud

3. Now tap on “Backup data”.

Back up data

4. Now make sure contacts are selected (you can even select other things from the list if you want to back up those too) then select “Backup now”.

cloud back up

5. It should automatically do its job, now your contacts are actually backed up!

To restore the contacts you just backed follow up these steps:

1. Open settings on your other device, then click on “Samsung account” then click on “Samsung cloud” just like we did last time but this time click on “Restore data” instead.

tap on restore data

2. Now it should show up the devices you backed up last time with, just select that.

select your last device

3. Now make sure contacts are selected (you can even select more stuff if you are into restoring those along with contacts too) then simply click on “restore”. And you are done!

cloud restore

3. Backup Up Using VCF File

.vcf is a very flexible and widely used file format to backup contacts, you can just share the vcf file with literally anyone and restore your contacts later. Here is how to create one for yourself:

1. Open your contacts app(your contacts app might look different but the fundamentals are the same, you can bravely follow along) then click on 3 horizontal lines to open up the app menu.

menu in contacts app

2. Now click on “Manage contacts”.

manage contacts

3. Now click on “Export contacts”.

local export contacts

3. Now select “Internal storage” then click export and your .vcf file should be found in your downloads folder to share and export with anyone.

export to internal storage

To restore the file, first transfer that .vcf file to another device, you can share the file via Bluetooth or mail that vcf file to yourself and make it available to download on any of your devices right into your mailbox! Btw we already did an amazing article on transferring files between your devices without any external software you can follow up on that. Now once you have that file on your other device follow along:

1. Open the contacts app again then open the contacts menu then click “Manage contacts” just like you did last time but this time select “Import contacts” instead.

import contacts

2. Now select “Phone or cloud storage” and your file explorer should open, browse and select that .vcf file we just created.

import from phone

3. Finally just select “phone” and tap on “Export”. And you are all set.

export locally


These were some methods to back up your personal contacts from your android phone, I would personally recommend you to use Google Contacts for backing up, as it’s just seamless and more flexible, though if you are a more privacy-focused person and don’t want to your contact to be uploaded on someone’s server, you can create and maintain a .vcf file for the same.

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