Auslogics BoostSpeed Review: Great PC Optimizer?

Keeping the Windows system optimized and ready at all times is key to being efficient and productive enough on a day-to-day basis.

There are many optimization applications that promise to revitalize your system and accelerate your computer’s performance but rarely do these programs use reliable and proven system optimization techniques and technologies to take care of the performance of our PCs. Also, some of them, Instead of making your PC faster, can damage your system. Auslogics BoostSpeed claims to solve all these annoying Windows problems in a safe way. 

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What Is Auslogics BoostSpeed?

Auslogics is a firm that has been with us for several years and that over time has been updated and improved in terms of functionality. 

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a useful tool to optimize the performance of your PC and protect it. The tool includes a wide range of basic and advanced features that make the program easy to use for both new and intermediate users.

The highlight of the program is that many complex functions are complemented by simple explanations and step-by-step instructions. Auslogics BoostSpeed under clear and concise headings provides access to many modules that are cleverly subcategorized. You can easily locate the maintenance module you are looking for and test it to make your computer fast again.

User Interface

Auslogics BoostSpeed Interface

During my BoostSpeed Review, I found out that the UI is simple and easy to use. All the buttons were clearly visible and self-explanatory. It did not have any unnecessary graphics which would make it look complicated. 

One thing that I loved about the Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​10 is the simplicity it brings. From the design of the application itself to the troubleshooting procedure, everything has been designed with a beginner in mind. Downloading and installing the program was very easy since the file is small (about 26Mbs). It took me about three minutes to complete the installation.

The user interface is friendly and innovative and designed in a way that exemplifies its principle of simplicity. The developers were able to incorporate all the tools into the main screen, so when a user opens the program, they will instantly see everything they need to run a system scan, schedule maintenance, protect privacy, or even make some performance adjustments.

You can use the BoostSpeed in many different ways, but the simplest of all is to run a full system scan. Start the program and click the “Scan All” button. The program will automatically and quickly identify fragmented files, broken paths, hard drive junk, registry problems, and more. This way you can identify and fix all system problems with just one click. It is the best choice for beginners.

If you want to get the most out of the program, you will have to work through each of the tool interfaces. Once the program has started, I choose the “Custom scan” option, and then select “System scan”. The program analyzed my PC and identified a bunch of system problems, including 5.14 GB of junk files that needed to be freed.

This way, the program is incredibly easy to use and you will feel benefited, but to get the most out of it, you need to dig deeper.

If you’re willing to spend a little time exploring the program and working through the surprising number of sections and tools, chances are you can improve your computer. It is as automated a process as you could have made it.

The program has several sections, both for optimization and other functions related to security and privacy, characteristics that are divided into two large groups, as we see on the left of the interface as soon as BoostSpeed starts: ” Basic ” and ” Advanced “. In the first place, we find ” Clean your PC “, a function that is responsible for optimizing stability, on the one hand, computer performance on the other, as well as eliminating useless files from the hard disk.

Try Auslogics BoostSpeed

Features And Highlights 

As mentioned above, BoostSpeed ​​10 comes with a universe of attractive features all designed to optimize your PC’s performance. Here are the specs and highlights from the list.

  • Hard drive cleaning
  • Clean the registry
  • Boost Internet connections
  • Defragment disks and repair the registry
  • Tweak windows for best performance
  • Modify Windows settings to optimize performance
  • Help protect your privacy
  • Check hard drive status
  • Recover deleted files
  • Delete confidential documents
  • Free up disk space from all kinds of junk files
  • Explore disk drives and system information
  • Disable unnecessary processes to improve boot time
  • Speed ​​up your PC and clean your browsers

Note: the free version has some limitations, such as the inability to program the speed of the computer. You will also not be able to access some features such as desktop protection, service optimization, and automatic defragmentation.

To unlock all the features of the program, you will need a license. You can buy the software from here at the best possible price.

Is Auslogics BoostSpeed Free?

You can say Auslogics BoostSpeed is a freemium software. Yes, you can download it from the site and use it for free, but many of the features will only be functional if you buy the subscription. 

Even if you are using its free version, you won’t face any issues. I used the free version as well as premium, and I can say the free version is not that bad. I could access many useful features like junk cleanup and disk optimization with the free version. The premium version of this tool offers many other useful features, but you can easily use the free version seamlessly. 

Pricing Of BoostSpeed

While it’s billed as a speed-boosting utility, there’s much more to BoostSpeed 10 than that; delve into its menus and you’ll find tools for increasing stability, taking control of privacy, and more.

System optimization and acceleration are often seen as suspicious tools. Auslogics BoostSpeed changes the norms and turns out to be a useful tool for every PC user. Starting at $49 per year, this tool really redefines how an optimization tool should be. 

While the price isn’t much, the functionalities of this tool will surely amaze you. With the pro version, you will get additional features like Advanced PC cleanup & optimization, Scheduled disk defragmentation, Automatic Internet optimization, Browser Anti-Tracker, Full registry cleanup, and much more. 

With all these features, the pro version is worth the price. 

Auslogics BoostSpeed: Free Vs Pro

You can find major differences in the Auslogics BoostSpeed free and Pro version. Many of the useful features are limited to the pro version only. Here is comprehensive comparison between the two.

Auslogics BoostSpeed free vs pro

Impact on the system

The tool was using about 160MB of space on memory and 3-4% of CPU while it was idle. 

When I ran the scan, it took around 200MB of space on memory and used up to 30-35% of the CPU. The power usage was also low to moderate. The impact on the system was pretty normal, like other optimization tools in the market. 

The scanning process was really fast and only took around 30-40 seconds to fully scan. The optimization time was around 5 minutes for me. 

Note: The PC I used for testing was equipped with an i3 4th Gen processor and 4GB of DDR2 RAM. The results might be different in your PC, depending upon your PC specs. 

Pros And Cons Of BoostSpeed

Supports all versions of Windows (Windows XP-10)Does not fix all identified issues – will miss some issues
Easy to useTakes more time to optimize the disk
Offers more than fifteen tools and tips to modify your PCSome tools, like the file shredder, are buried in the menu, and you may not find them easily
Provides a quick solution to most PC problems
A reminder about free tutorial when the app is launched
The installation is very quick with only basic settings
Eliminates the dangers of registry editing
Improves speed, security, and privacy in one click

How To Use Auslogics BoostSpeed

The user interface is really easy and you probably won’t face any major difficulty. 

System scan

Auslogics BoostSpeed Interface

On the main screen of the program, you will see a Scan Now button. You have to click on it to start the scan. The scanning process will begin and within a few seconds, you will get the results where you can optimize the disk by clicking on ‘Resolve all issues’. This process will take about 5 minutes to execute.


Auslogics BoostSpeed Cleanup

In this section, you can delete temporary files, duplicate files, empty folders, unused apps, all in one place. You can choose these options (all are separate so you have to click each one of them manually) and you can delete the files, folders, and applications easily. This will help you make the harddisk free of any useless load, making your PC run faster.


Auslogics BoostSpeed Optimize

This section is specifically dedicated to optimizing the system. Here you can choose the drives you want to defrag. With this, you also have the ‘Windows Optimization’ feature that will optimize the whole system and OS. 

For customization, you can enable and disable processor optimization, disk priority manager, desktop protection, memory, optimization, and auto-defrag. A few of these are exclusive for pro users but most are for free users as well.


Auslogics BoostSpeed Protect

Here you will find features that let you protect your system and clean up privacy traces. 

Before hitting the ‘Scan’,  you can include and exclude traces in the web browser,  traces in applications, adult website traces, traces in system files. Here, you can also activate the browser protection that will check the browser tracking. 


Auslogics BoostSpeed Maintain

Here you will find recommendations to help you improve windows components’ stability security and speed.

You can check the details of performance, stability, security, and the internet. You can enable or disable these options before scanning.


Auslogics BoostSpeed Report

This BoostSpeed ​​module is somewhat similar to the Windows Task Manager. It shows in real-time which applications are using excess RAM and allows you to terminate those applications if they are running on your system.

A click on the “View Report” link opens BoostSpeed’s own Task Manager whose rating function provides additional information and classifies processes as “Trusted” and “Unknown”. It offers you more control than the Windows Task Manager.

All Tools

Auslogics BoostSpeed All Tools 1

Here you can find all the additional tools listed by categories.

Most of the options are self-explanatory. But here are some of the important ones:

Auslogics Internet Optimizer: Auslogics Internet Optimizer is divided into sections for manual and automatic optimization. The manual optimization section can seem confusing and complicated. If you are a beginner, the chances of disabling certain important settings are high, therefore an automatic optimization process is recommended.

Registry defrag: Allows you to perform the registry defragmentation process. It’s Registry Cleaner helps improve the performance and stability of a computer.

File Recovery: One of the most appreciated features of Auslogics BoostSpeed is that it allows you to easily recover accidentally deleted files not only from your computer’s disk but also from USB sticks or digital cameras and memory cards. 

Empty folder cleaner: Includes a Duplicate File Finder that scans your drives for duplicate files and allows you to delete them. Sometimes both copies of a file are required, but the program protects you to some extent by not highlighting duplicates in system folders. 

Deep disk cleaner: It helps you find the directories that are taking up the most disk space – so you can delete some files if you feel like you need to free up space.

Disk Doctor: The Auslogics Disk Doctor at Repair disks analyzes and repairs your hard disk.

Does Auslogics BoostSpeed Really Work?

AusLogics BoostSpeed ​​offers us a series of tools to improve the functioning of our PC. Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​is a simple program related to others on the market, but that same simplicity is that it makes it special since it is an easy program to maneuver for a person with little knowledge of technology. 

While considered a speed-boosting utility, BoostSpeed ​​has a lot more than that. There is a strange mix of genuinely useful components and those of much more questionable value here. The types of programs contain all those apps and computer elements that make it one of the most advanced tools in the market today. 

I have tried all of its features and I can say all of them work flawlessly. You will instantly notice the difference it will make on your PC.

Do I Recommend Auslogics BoostSpeed?

The Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​10 is a great tool that will definitely boost your PC performance. Although in most cases the same results can be achieved by adjusting your system settings, it is difficult to find a program that has the answers to all your PC problems in one package.

You will find Auslogics BoostSpeed ​​to be a comprehensive tool for improving your computer’s performance in almost all areas of your PC operations. 

After having conducted an in-depth evaluation of the Auslogics BoostSpeed, ​I found the program very useful from the beginning and therefore I would not hesitate to recommend it.


Is Auslogics BoostSpeed Safe?

Yes, Auslogics BoostSpeed is completely safe to use. I did not find any security or privacy-related flaw in the tool during my BoostSpeed review.

Is Auslogics BoostSpeed any good?

Auslogics BoostSpeed is as good as it claims to be. Packed with optimization tools and features, it helps your PC run faster. 

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