Do You Need Antivirus In Windows?

If you’re using Windows PC, then you must have wondered whether you need antivirus software. Since the popularity of Windows increased over the years, malware attacks have risen exponentially as well. This makes many people go for antivirus software without a second thought.

But you don’t have to be like that. Because in this article, I am going to talk about the same and tell you whether you should and shouldn’t have antivirus in Windows.

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What Does The Antivirus Do?

Before we go further, you need to understand what antivirus actually is. Antivirus can prevent, scan, detect and delete viruses from a device. Antivirus software will constantly run in the background to facilitate real-time protection against virus attacks on your PC. 

You will find more useful features if your antivirus is a premium one. And you might see ads or limited features in the case of free antivirus. So overall, premium antivirus software will offer better security and protection than a free one. But is it worth paying for a premium antivirus? Let’s find out.

Do You Still Need Antivirus For Windows?

Windows OS is quite vulnerable to security breaches and malware attacks, and it’s not something rare. The malware made today is much more evolved than what we used to see before. It has become quite common to be a victim of cyberattacks. So, having an antivirus will protect your PC from such threats.

But now you might wonder whether you should be using a third-party antivirus or use the inbuilt Windows Defender that comes with Windows. In my opinion, Windows defender is more than capable of providing you the security you need for your PC’s protection. 

Why Should You Be Using Windows Defender?

Windows Defender Interface

I have been using Windows Defender as my primary antivirus for a long time and I am totally satisfied with it. Windows Defender, coming directly from Microsoft, is a reliable shield wall against all malware attacks. It is a capable antivirus tool with a lot of useful features. Here’s why you should be using Windows Defender in place of any third-party antivirus.

It is totally free: The first reason to use Windows Defender is that it is free. You can avail all the features without paying anything. You will get ad-less without any limitations. So, you won’t have to compromise on anything for the security of your PC. 

Protection in the cloud and in real-time: This feature has been added recently. Defender constantly scans for the presence of any malware and will pop up in the notification section if your PC has any potential threats. You won’t find this feature in most other free antivirus tools. 

No 3rd party intervention: You won’t have to worry about your data being in the hands of any 3rd party company. As Microsoft itself is behind all this, you can rest assured that your data is in safe hands. 

Better Performance: Most of the third-party antivirus software will run in the background, consuming your RAM, CPU and ultimately degrading the battery life of your laptops. Windows Defender is very low on resource usage and makes an unnoticeable CPU usage. In the end, you get better performance. 

Built-in Firewall: Firewalls check the network traffic for any ransomware that might enter the PC while browsing or downloading any file. Not many 3rd-party software include this in their free version, but you get it with Defender so that’s a plus point to choose it. 

Defender Security Center: The security center combines all the security features within one window. It’s easier to visualize everything and notice any threats that have arisen and need to be resolved. You will see alerts in yellow color and if everything is running smoothly you will see a green tick. 

The Security Center includes:

  • Virus & threat protection
  • Account protection
  • Firewall & network protection
  • App & browser control
  • Device security
  • Device performance & health

Additional Tips To Secure Your PC

Some malware can infect your PC even in the presence of antivirus tools! To have your PC secure from any kind of cyber threat, there are a few things that you must keep in check. Here are some tips for you.

Pirated logo laptop scaled

Stay away from pirated material: Avoid logging into malicious websites searching for pirated and cracked apps, games, and other media. They may contain malicious software and malware. Only download anything from trusted sources. 

Use Windows Defender: Windows Defender will protect your PC from getting attacked by any malware. It will constantly run in the background and scan your PC and will notify you if something suspicious is found. It hardly impacts your PC performance so is the best option. 

Keep Windows OS up to date: Microsoft keeps on launching security patches for Windows to offer better protection to your PC. So make sure you are regularly checking for updates and have the latest Windows version installed. 

Ignore spam emails: it’s common to get emails from unknown sources that ask you to open a link. Avoid clicking on such links. They usually have malicious codes in them which can make an entryway for the malware to your PC. Many hackers use these tactics for phishing as well.


Does Windows 10 have an antivirus built-in?

Yes. Windows 10 comes with Windows Defender which is a built-in antivirus for the PC.

Is Windows Defender enough for Windows protection?

Yes. Windows Defender is capable of protecting your Windows PC against any kind of malware attacks. You just need to configure it right for the best security. 

Which is the best antivirus software for Windows?

Windows Defender is the best antivirus tool you can find for Windows. If you’re looking for third-party software, then Bitdefender is the best option to choose. 

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