Advanced SystemCare Review: Speed Up Your PC?

If you’re facing any Cleanup, Security, or slow-speed (Performance reduction) issues in the computer, then there’s a software called Advanced SystemCare that solves such issues with Single Click.

Today, we’re going to do an in-depth review of Advanced SystemCare. But before going to actual review, let’s have some basic information about this tool that what it does and how it works?

Advanced SystemCare is a PC optimization tool that is developed by IOBIT , a renowned PC tool developing Company. It is an ultimate solution for most PC issues. Whether you’re facing issues of Clean up, system optimization, Speed, Security and Privacy in your PC, Advanced SystemCare is there to solve the issues with one-Click.

This software does the task of various tools that too with One-Click. It’s easy interface and one click features to solve any technical issues allows any user, even a beginner or no-technical person, to handle this software easily.

Why do we need to install Advanced SystemCare?

There are lots of devices in the market that run on Windows, Mac or Android Operating System. These devices get slower with time. This happens due to ignorance of optimization. A device needs to be optimized periodically to maintain its good health and obtain smooth performance.

But optimizing the device manually is a complicated task. Therefore we need a tool that optimizes devices with minimal manual work and Advanced SystemCare is best when it comes to optimization.

It has all the features and functions that an optimizing tool should have. It doesn’t only optimize the PC but takes care of it by maintaining Speed, Privacy and Security.

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User Interface

advance systemcare user interface

The interface of Advanced SystemCare is easy and smooth. It won’t take much time to get started with it, basically you’ll see a typical IObit interface. Honestly speaking, all IObit ’s products have an easily accessible interface.

Talking about interface, there’s 6 options on top viz., Care, Speed Up, Tool Box, Protect, Software Updater and Action Center. These six menus contain different features like Speed Up modules containing all the tools related to Speed optimization.

On startup, there’s a big SCAN button which you can click after selecting at least one module from the 12 modules located below. Clicking on Scan takes you to its result page where you can see the list of issues along with a single click FIX and Back button.

Clicking on the FIX button automatically starts fixing each issue one by one. You don’t have to do any manual work to solve the issues. Everything is automated with Advanced SystemCare.

The right bottom has an Activate button. Hovering the mouse on the Activate button shows a list of Premium features that you can get by purchasing its premium version.

The left top has a hamburger Menu icon, clicking on this button leads you to the setting, customization, and more such options.

Try Advance SystemCare

Features Explanation

When you start Advanced SystemCare for the first time, you’ll see six tabs on top

  1. Care
  2. Speed Up
  3. Protect
  4. Toolbox
  5. Software Updater
  6. Action center

These tabs contain all the features that help to optimize the PC. So let’s check these tabs one by one and see what features it has and how it works.


advance systemcare Care

The Care tab features allows Scanning and Fixing the issues.

The Care tab contains a total of 12 modules to clean. You can select all as per your need or you can select all at once by clicking on Select All option. But before scanning any module, lets get some idea about what these modules actually do.

Startup Optimization

This module is related to startup items. There are some files and programs that run automatically on startup of Windows. So it is important to optimize these files and programs as the boot time of a PC depends on this.

To optimize Startup related programs and files, there’s an option called Startup Optimization. This feature optimizes the boot time to achieve fast boot. Tick mark the Startup Optimization and click on the scan button.

Privacy Sweep

Privacy Sweep is a feature of Advanced SystemCare that clears general activity and surfing history. This is very important not only from the Privacy point of view but also to clean the PC.

History consumes extra spaces on the computer. With time, these files increase and cause lagging issues to the Pc, hence it’s essential to clean history and Privacy Sweep feature is a perfect way to clean it.

Junk File Clean

The Junk files are the waste files that don’t come in use usually but still they are found in every PC. Mostly, these files include caches, data and much more. These files need to be clean as it consumes disk space and affects the performance of the PC.

However, it can be cleaned manually as well but with Advanced SystemCare, this task becomes more smooth and easy. You can check the list of all the Junk Files along with a one-click clean button.

Shortcut Fix

Shortcut Fix helps you to scan and repair issues related to shortcuts. If you have any invalid shortcut on your computer, then scanning the Shortcut Fix module can find the issue. Once the issue gets detected, you can fix it by clicking on the FIX button.

Registry Clean

Cleaning Registry files is most important to get a fast boot. However, it affects PC performance as well. But with Advanced SystemCare, it gets clean easily which further results in fast PC performance.

Spyware Removal

We often download files and softwares from unknown resources on the PC and compromise with the security. Sometimes, these files and softwares contain Spyware. Well, it’s fine when you’ve antivirus on your PC.

But if there’s no antivirus in the PC, then don’t worry, Advanced SystemCare is there to scan and remove Spywares. Just click on the Spyware Removal and scan. After scanning, if it detects any spyware, you can fix the issues with the Fix button.

Internet Boost

Slow is the biggest problem of most of the people, especially for Asian countries. The internet speed can also be slow due to improper data management. Sometimes, lots of files and programs start consuming data altogether after connecting with the internet and in that case, the speed gets slow.

The Internet Boost module scans the background running programming consuming data and accelerates the speed by removing unwanted extra programs from the background after clicking on the Fix button.

System Optimization

System optimization is a module that allows the PC to work with its optimum power. It optimizes the whole system of the PC.

Registry Defrag

The registry is the database of the widows that stores all the configuration of Hardware, Softwares and Operating System. This database is quite big as it has all the details of the PC.  Registry needs to optimized in order to improve the performance of the PC

Advanced SystemCare defrag the registry to optimize it. Defragment is a process of arranging the same type files at one place so that if the system needs any types files, it can find it easily.

However, if you need to optimize the PC by defragmenting, then you should go for IObit ’s Smart Defrag, a software from the same company designed for Defragment purposes. Smart Defrag is best at defragment.

Security Reinforce

Digital hacking and cheating is improving day by day. Hackers are working with new ways and hence we have to reinforce the security to tackle these cheatings and hackings.

This module of Advanced SystemCare shows the security weaknesses once the scan gets completed. You can purchase its Pro plan to Fix the security issues. But if you want be safe from these cheating and hacking, then IObit  Malware Fighter is the best

Vulnerability Fix

Vulnerability is the most common entrance point for a malware. Majority of systems are hacked due to vulnerabilities in it. That’s why, it is necessary to check the vulnerabilities and fix it to safeguard the system.

Vulnerabilities modules scans the vulnerabilities or bugs and loopholes in the windows that can act as entry points for the malware.

Disk optimization

Disk optimization involves disk defragment and I said earlier in this Advanced SystemCare review that defragmenting is the process of arranging the files in such a manner that same type files are placed at one place.

This module of Advanced SystemCare can fix the defragment issues of the HDD to improve the performance. But actually, Advanced SystemCare isn’t capable of defragmenting the disk properly.

There’s a separate software named IObit  Smart Defrag developed by IObit. It is specially meant for defragmentation. So in case you’ve defragment issues in the HDD of a PC, then you should get Smart Defrag as well.

Speed Up

advance systemcare Speed Up

The Speed tab has all the features which is required to boost the performance of the PC. This tab has Turbo Boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep Optimization and App/Toolbar Cleaner.

Turbo Boost

The most common way to boost the performance is keep RAM Free as much as possible. The Turbo boost simply checks the softwares or applications running in the background and disables unnecessary applications. This creates more space in RAM and thus performance gets boosted.

To turn ON Turbo Boost, just hover the cursor on the Turn ON button and select the mode. If you select Game Mode, then Turbo Boost will automatically ON when any game starts.

There are four modes, Work Mode, Game Mode, Economy Mode and Start at Windows startup, you can select any mode

Work Mode: It boosts the PC moderate level to have smooth working experience

Game Mode: This mode boosts the PC at high level to have best gaming experience

Economy Mode: This mode boosts the PC to average level with minimal battery usage.

Configure Turbo Boost

If you’re not completely satisfied with the default boost options and want to make some changes, then you can configure the turbo boost manually, as per your need. To configure turbo boost:

  1. Hover the cursor and Click on Configure
  2. Select the Boost Mode between Work, Game and Economy Mode.
  3. Tick the boxes from the background running applications’ list
  4. Check the Turn on Turbo Boost at Windows startup box
  5. Click on Boost.

In this way, the Turbo Boost can be configured.

Hardware Accelerate

Windows PC contains lots of drivers. These drivers get old with time, that’s why it has to be updated periodically. Sometimes drivers don’t get installed which cause failure of some windows functions or slow down the PC.

In such cases, Advanced SystemCare emerges as a great asset. It’s Hardware Accelerator checks all the outdated and missing drivers and Fixes those drivers to boost performance.

However, IObit has a Driver Booster which serves as the ultimate solution for any driver’s issues. I highly recommend that you go for that as well if you have any driver issues with your PC. We’ve done a detailed review on IObit  Driver Booster, check that as well.

Deep Optimization

Deep Optimizations accelerates the performance by optimizing Hard Disk, registry and networks. It will automatically suggest files that need to be optimized.

When you install Advanced SystemCare on your PC, it shows the number of files that required optimization. Simply Click on the Optimize All button to optimize all together.

You check the details as well by hovering on the Optimize All button and clicking on Details.

Apps/Toolbar Cleaner

Apps/Toolbar cleaner help to boost the browsing experience by removing malicious softwares, toolbars, plugins, etc. Although, it doesn’t remove those malicious apps but it shows the names of those apps and plugins.

You’ll need to install IObit  Uninstaller, which is a specialized program to install malicious and unnecessary apps and plugins. By the way, IObit Smart Defrag, Driver Booster and IObit  Uninstaller are immensely popular tools. You must try these as well.


advance systemcare Protect

The Protect tab has all the security options that a PC must have to strengthen its security. It has six security options or features to enhance the security, these are Privacy Shield, Surfing protection and Ads Removal, Browser anti-tracking, Real-time Protector and Homepage Advisor.

Privacy Shield: It protects sensitive data against secret access to avoid any privacy leaks. Hovering cursor on enable button provide two options, enable Sensitive Data Protection and Untrusted Program Blocker

Surfing protection and Ads Removal: This module provides security to browsers from online threats, phishing attacks and much more. It has three more options to enable, Email Protection, Surfing Protection and Ads Removal.

FaceID: It protects from any unauthorized access.

Browser anti-tracking: It clears fingerprint and browsing data. There are two options to enable, Digital Fingerprint Protection and Browsing Data Clean

Real-time Protector: It protect against spyware

Homepage advisor: It monitors the Homepage and notify you immediately from any homepage changes.

All features stay disable until you enable manually. Out of these six, three features are for Premium users only.


advance systemcare

The toolbox has a list of popular IObit products along with 24 more tools. These tools must have tools for any PC user. These 24 tools are categorized into 3 groups, System Optimize, Security & Repair and System Clean. 8 tools in each.

System Optimize

This group contains 8 tools that needs to be downloaded and then enable in order to optimize the system properly

Startup Manager: It optimizes startup items to accelerate PC performance

Smart RAM: Monitors and optimize RAM to provide smooth working experience

Internet Booster: Optimize browsers to boost internet speed

Program Deactivator: Disable some unnecessary program to accelerate performance

Registry Defrag: Detects how much fragmentation is there and also whether the defragment is needed or not in registry

System Information: Collects and display detailed information about the system

Auto Shutdown: Allows shut down the PC automatically at scheduled time.

Security & Repaid

This group too has 8 tools of different functions

Win Fix: Analyze Windows Operating System and found issues that need to be fix

Context Menu Manager: Helps to manage Context menu

Disk Doctor: Analyzes disk properly and find issues in the files

System Control: Help to change Operating System settings

MyWin10: Fix some common problems in the Windows

Undeleted: Stores deleted files even when Recycle Bin is empty

DNS Protector: Disable malware from modifying system DNS settings

Default Program: Help to set default programs for Images, Audio, Video, browser, etc

System Clean

Total 8 tools are there in this group

Registry Cleaner: Helps to clean registry database

Disk Cleaner: Analyzes unnecessary files and helps to clean

File Shredder: Helps to shred files and folders

Empty Folder Scanner: Finds and delete Empty folder

Shortcut Fixer: Search invalid shortcuts and fix it as well

Cloned File Scanner: Search for cloned or copy files and helps to free disk space

Large File Finder: Find large size files and allows to delete those files quickly

Process Manager: Manage running processes

Software Updater

advance systemcare Software Updater

This tab shows the list of outdated softwares that needs to be updated. You can run automatic updates for all files with just a single click.

Action Center

advance systemcare Action Center

This tab suggests the extra software that needs to be downloaded in order to maintain the good health of the PC.

How to Use Advanced SystemCare

advance systemcare Scan

Getting started with Advanced SystemCare is extremely easy due to its simple user interface. The best thing with Advanced SystemCare is that everything is automatic, there’s no need to do any manual work.

advance systemcare  Scanning

To get started, select the modules that you want to scan and click on the big Scan button. The scanning starts, and after a few minutes the list will be displayed. Below the list, there’s two buttons, FIX and BACK.

advance systemcare

The FIX button fixes each issue one by one if clicked and BACK button will take you to the home screen of Advanced SystemCare

advance systemcare

The one thing I liked the most is its Quick View option, Once the software installed in your PC, a pop-up basically Quick View will display every time after boot. This pop-up displays the RAM consumptions, disk usage, and much more. You can do lots of tasks from this Quick View option. It acts as a shortcut.

Performance Monitor and System Tray

Performance Monitor and System Tray

Performance Monitor is a quick view floating window that shows stats of RAM, CPU, Disk and Matrics. You can check the stats of Hardware without doing manual scanning.

You just need to activate Performance Monitor from the setting and then you’ll see hardware stats immediately after boot. At the bottom of the Performance Monitor window, 4 icons are there. These are quick buttons for Clean RAM, Scan, Turbo Boost, and Screenshot restively.

Metrics module shows temperature of CPU, GPU, Mainboard in Fahrenheit and RPM of Fan. There’s a minimize and maximize button, on minimizing, it shows only RAM and CPU usage.

System Tray is another shortcut for scanning and immediate response. You can jump to Speed Up, Protect, Toolbox, Software Center and Action Center with a single click.

Not only that, there’s also option to open Advanced SystemCare main window, Performance monitor, and Turbo Boost.

Customization and Settings

advance systemcare customization

Despite being a functional tool, not a graphic related, Advanced SystemCare has descent customization options such as

  • Changing Themes and downloading new one
  • Having Custom Background
  • Choosing Language
  •  Managing Font Size and Transparency

Coming to Settings, there are few general settings that you can set manually. However, it isn’t compulsory, the default one will work fine but the Pro Version customers are recommended to change the settings as Premium version unlocks extra settings.

advance systemcare settings

The following settings can be set manually as per requirements:

Managing minimization of Advanced SystemCare to system tray in General Settings

Activating some following premium features:

  • Real-time Protector
  • Full Detection
  • Deep Clean
  • System Optimization
  •  Internet Boost
  • Deep Reinforce
  • Optimization Defragment
  • Auto Care
  • Auto Updater
  • Auto RAM Clean


advance systemcare Pricing

Advanced SystemCare is a performance optimization tool that takes care of computers and helps the PC to run on its full potential by dealing with the Speed and Security issues. It’s a must product for PC users

The price of this ultimate tool is $19.99 for One Year Subscription. This One year subscription comes with a license for upto 3 PCs.

According to me, you’ll not regret buying this tool. We spend lots of money for Antivirus or System Booster and many more tools, but Advanced SystemCare is a single tool that can do the tasks of various tools.

Advanced SystemCare improve performance?

Advanced SystemCare improves performance by optimizing the files and programs. It optimizes the files by cleaning, defragging and creating a wall for malicious content. 

After its first run, you will definitely notice its optimization and performance improvements. Quick Boot is the first thing that most of people notice. 

Impact on System

impact on system

When you run Advanced SystemCare for the first time, it takes a few minutes to analyze the system. First startup takes little time.

It doesn’t create much stress on the system as it consumes almost 0.1% of the CPU. Since it is very weight software, you won’t face any lagging issues.

But few lagging problems might occur when you try to optimize core system parts such as disk, RAM, etc. 

According to some users, Advanced SystemCare actually optimizes and improves performance on only those things that you select to optimize and general performance gets slower slightly. For example, if you select Registry Clean or Junk File Clean, then it will optimize only these things and reduce the general performance. 

Over-optimization with this tool slightly slows the general performance. Well, that’s the only problem with this tool, otherwise it works fine, does its task efficiently without any harsh impact on the system.

Advanced SystemCare Free vs Pro

Advanced SystemCare provides most of the necessary features for Free and most people find it enough for maintaining the good health of the PC. However, to some extent, it’s true.

But if you look at pro version features, then you’ll find that getting a pro version unlocks some of the great features that ensures the 100% optimization of the PC. Features such as 200% of quicker boot and upto 300% of internet booster comes with pro version only.

Before going for Advanced SystemCare Pro, have a glance of some outstanding pro features:

Basic PC cleaning and optimizationYesYes
Monitor system condition in real-timeYesYes
Basic PC protection with spyware removalYesYes
Capture intruders automatically with FaceIDYesYes
Block malicious links and suspicious senders in web emailsYesYes
Basic PC protection with spyware removalYesYes
Auto RAM clean to stop unused programs and processesNoYes
Up to 200% quicker PC startupNoYes
Up to 300% Internet speedup with Internet BoosterNoYes
Keep your personal data away from untrusted programsNoYes
Deep clean registry to prevent system crashNoYes
Premium PC cleaning and optimizationNoYes
Proactively detect and block security holes in real-timeNoYes
Free 24/7 technical support on demandNoYes

Well, that’s not it, there are more features that you can find on having a pro version.

Pros and Cons

Advanced SystemCare is a complete solution for any PC issues. Although it is best in its work, it has some flaws as well. Below is the table of its pros and cons that needs to check before having this tool.

Easy Navigation and InterfaceOver-optimization slows the PC
One- Click OptimizationNeed some extra tool
Multi-functional tool Too Much Promotion of IObit’s Other Products
IObit promotes its products like hell 
Free Version Available 
24/7 Support staff 


Zero manual work

Advanced SystemCare helps you to avoid zero manual work. You get One-Click Optimization options. Just click on the FIX button to fix any issue.

Easy and Customizable Interface

Most software makers work on features only, not on interface and navigation, but with IObit , the case is different. You can get started with it in a few minutes.

Despite being required, Advanced SystemCare has a decent customizations option. You can change the theme and add new themes.

24/7 Customer Support

The main advantage of purchasing an IObit product is its immediate Support response. They have 24/7 customer support

Enough Free features

Most of the tools provide just basic features with Free version but Advanced SystemCare has all the necessary features with Free version as well.


Need to install Extra apps

Advanced SystemCare has all the tools to deal with Speed, Security and Privacy options, but for using some features, you’ll need to install its other softwares.

But we can’t criticize this as it’s a great move to promote our own products.

Over-optimization Reduces the Performance

The main problem that I noticed with Advanced SystemCare is that it slows down the PC when you try to over-optimize.

Premium PC cleaning and optimization tool to optimize your computer.

Defrag your hard drive data to optimize pc performance in just one click.

Up to 200% faster PC startup by disabling unnecessary startup programs and services.

Keep your personal data away from untrusted programs.

Surfing protection which automatically clear tracking data.

Automatic update to the latest version.


Is it safe to use Advanced systemCare?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use Advanced SystemCare. You can optimize your devices without any hesitation.

Is Advanced SystemCare a Virus?

Of Course not, it’s an optimizing software that optimizes the files and programs of your PC to improve its performance.

Does Advanced SystemCare slow down computers?

Actually Yes, but sometimes, when you try to over-optimize your PC with it, it will slightly slow the performance.

Do I Recommend Advanced Systemcare Pro?

Yes, I definitely recommend Advanced System care. If you’ve a PC or computer, then it’s pretty obvious facing Security and Speed issues. To overcome such issues, you must need a professional tool that can deal with these problems.

However, the Free version is limited to System Optimization and some more extra but unnecessary features but if you’re planning to get the whole of Advanced SystemCare, then you should go for the Premium version.

If you’ve read the Features Explanation section of this review, then you know that this tool has various features other than just System Optimization. Those features unlock on purchase of premium versions only.

Options such as Real-time Protector, Deep Registry clean, Auto RAM Clean and more such automatic functions are like a boon for a PC. Enabling these options will provide a healthy life to your device. Thats why, I strongly recommend Premium version of Advanced SystemCare

However, a few problems can be seen when it comes to Defragment and Driver Updater.  But this issue gets solved easily by using other IObit ’s products like Smart Defrag and Driver Booster.

Before completing this Advanced SystemCare Review, I must share my overall experience with IObit products. I have been using IObit Smart Defrag, Driver Booster, and Advanced SystemCare and the only thing I would like to say about these tools is worthy. IObit s’ tools are excellent in terms of doing their jobs.

So now, we have come to the end of this Advanced SystemCare Review, I hope you’ve got complete information about this tool. If you’ve some questions regarding this tool, feel free to ask in comments down below.

Rating Score

One-click optimization4.8/5
Easy To Use4.7/5
Startup Manager4.6/5
Overall Score4.7/5
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  1. To be honest, I must say that I actually noticed an increase in the response of the operating system, faster in the various operations and especially I noticed a lower latency using speedtest (internet optimization) so as far as I’m concern, I’m happy with my purchase.

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