Advanced System Optimizer Review: Worth Your Money?

We all want our PCs to perform to its full potential. Every now and then we install or buy new tools to optimize your PCs, they are called system Optimizers. Sometimes we get the desired result and sometimes we are fooled by the variety of things that they can do to help us.

 So to help you with this contest I am here with an excellent optimizer utility suit Advanced System Optimizer(ASO), which will definitely bring the best from your PC. I have been using Advanced System Optimizer for the past few weeks and it has never let me down with my work.

In this article I am going to provide a detailed analysis of how the all-new ASO is going to help you, So let’s start.

A.S.O is a very powerful and clean-up system optimizer utility suite that can make your PC run at its full potential. Developed by Systweak it includes almost all the utility tools that you need and it also includes various other features like “Game Optimizer”, “Registry Cleaner”, etc to help their users.

It comes with a free and with 24-hour free trial paid version. The free version does not include problem fixing features; with its free version, you will only be able to view the problems that are a hindrance to the optimum performance of your PC.

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Advanced system optimizer does not provide a full-screen view window. It only comes with a screen dimension of approx 800 x 600 pixels. With its small window and easy to navigate interface, even a newbie to the computer field can use it without any problem. 

Advanced system optimizer main interface

On its home screen, you will find your System Status: which will provide brief information of different aspects of your system. You will find:

Security Scan status, showing Number of infection found and the date and time of the system files backup operation is performed.

Cleaning scan status showing the status of Registry scan, the number of unwanted junk files are found, and about optimize of the security traces.

Optimize scan status showing status about analysis of driver, the number of outdated drivers found, and status of Registry optimization.

You will also find all the navigation buttons for its variety of optimizing scans and check for updates options on the bottom-left of its main window. 

And some other important links like online help that will provide a list of FAQs that can resolve your current problem with the software, systweak website, and smart PC scan demo screenshots that will guide and show you how you can optimize your PC with just one click on the top right corner. 


Smart PC Scan: As a normal user, you might not be familiar with every problem like registry issues or fragmentation that impact your PC performance. But thanks to Advanced System Optimizer, now you don’t have to worry about anything, it provides a one-click Smart PC Scan Feature option to perform all the necessary scans. It is a combination of all the major scans that you need to perform for productivity and the best performance. 

It comes with three types of features: Quick, Deep, and Custom scan which will scan your pc for problems at different levels.

Advanced system optimizer pc scan

Major Scanning features of ASO include.

  1. Clean Unwanted files: it will scan for junk and obsolete files from your PC and all will be removed from your system for better memory management.
  2. Clear hidden Privacy exposures and traces to prevent unauthorized access to personal and private information
  3. Defragment Hard Disks for Optimization to help improve your system performance by lowering the turnaround time.
  4. Scan for outdated and required drivers and update it to the most recent drivers specific to your PC requirement. 
  5. Fix windows registry issue & Optimize windows Registry to prevent unwanted system crash and slow down.

With this smart scan, I was able to clean 2000+ junk files, update 10+ outdated drivers, and fix lots of registry issues. I was able to boost my system performance up to a greater extent.

To perform the optimizing scans regularly you can even schedule the smart Pc scan and can select which are the scans you want to perform and which one to ignore for the next session. 

After the scan is completed it will display all the issues found within your PC with a “Optimize Now” button. You will be able to view what are the problems that have been raised and you can even select which ones to optimize and which ones to ignore.

 After verifying all the details about the issues you can click on the optimize button and ASO will resolve the problems automatically. 

Note: Scanning can take up to several minutes and requires an internet connection for checking driver updates and registry issues. In my case, it took nearly 15 to 20 minutes to complete the scans and resolve the problems. If any outdated drivers are found it will download the update of the drivers and install it automatically.

Registry Optimizer: Registry issues are the main reasons for frequent system and application crashes. The Advanced System Registry optimizer scans for Windows registry issues and with its two options Registry Cleaner and Registry Optimizer.

With its registry cleaner, it will scan and repair the registry issues, and with its registry optimizer, it will optimize and reduce the size of the registry to prevent unwanted application crashes and provide smooth performance.

Disk Cleaner and Optimizer: We all face slower performance while accessing our disk drivers due to various reasons and the main reason is data fragmentation. The Advanced System Optimizer comes with four Disk Cleaner and Optimizer features scans. 

Advanced system optimizer disk optimizer

System Cleaner: Which checks for unwanted items in your PCs and removes it for optimal utilization of space.

Disk Optimization: This feature improves the data access time and boosts system performance by defragmenting the hard disk and storing the data in a contiguous space. With its contiguous allocation of the data, it lowers the turnaround time and provides quick access to the stored files.

Disk Tools: This feature will check for problems in the hard disk at startup and fix it while the system loads. 

Disk Explorer: It provides disk usage statistics of files and folders through which you can have a better picture of how and where your system space is being utilized.

It provides you with the option to choose which hard disk you want to scan and optimize first.

Windows Optimizer: Gaming on your PC sometimes becomes a headache as there is a lot of disturbance you face from other applications and even the system reserves some of the memory for its other uses leading to a slow and sluggish experience if you have low RAM Pc. To help you with this Advanced System Optimizer provide features like:

Advanced system optimizer windows option

Game Optimizer: For Disturbance free and better gaming performance Game Optimizer feature will create a virtual desktop to let you play your selected game with maximum processing power and without any interruption.

 It will create a Virtual desktop, which will provide maximum memory allocation for the gaming files and provide a Key Map functionality which will let you replace the default keys with easy to access keys for better hand movement while playing. 

To create a virtual desktop for any game you first need to select the games through the “Select Game” button, you can select as many games as you want.

Memory Optimizer: System memory is the most important thing for your PC to run smoothly, but you can not change the total memory available. Rather with this feature, you will be able to free up the unneeded allocated memory to improve your PC performance. It comes with automatic and manual options.

With its manual option, it will let you choose the least amount of memory you want to be freed when you click the optimize now button and launch the Memory Optimizer at the windows startup.

It will also provide statistics of how and where your memory is being utilized.

Security and Privacy

Many users out there do not have tools to protect their PC from harmful threats like trojan or malware, if you are one of them Advanced System Optimizer Security and Privacy features will help you to a great extent. It comes with features like:

Advanced system optimizer security and privacy

System Protector scans for malware, spyware, or trojans and protects your PC against harmful threats in real-time.

Privacy Protector scan to remove your browsing history and hidden critical privacy traces.

Secure Delete feature for permanently deleting files and folders and removing its traces so that it can not be recovered.

Secure Encryption feature to encrypt and decrypt your private files and folders and prevent it from being accessed by any other user.

Backup and Recover

One of the common problems we all face is the accidental deletion of our important files. With ASO you are free from this tension. It provides a feature through which you can recover your deleted data and create a backup of your important files, although it provides a slightly complicated process of finding the deleted files.

Advanced system optimizer backup recovery

This option comes with:

Undelete: Feature through which you can recover your accidentally deleted files and folders.

Backup Manager: for creating backup for important system files and folders .

System File Backup and Restore: feature for creating a backup for your important system files so that it can be restored if needed. 

Common Issue Fixer

This feature fixes the common problems like Duplicate File remover, setting of best system settings for smooth performance, and search and fix feature for the common issues which windows PCs face while running.

Regular Maintenance

There are certain things in our PCs that need to be checked and fixed each time you start your computer one of them is Drivers. Regular maintenance of ASO provides the following features: 

Driver Updater: which scan and update outdated system drivers. It will download and install the drivers automatically and it requires an internet connection to perform the scan, and check and download the drivers.

Startup Manager: feature to remove unneeded programs to enhance startup speed.

Uninstall Manager: Feature just like windows uninstall manager to help uninstall a particular program.

Scheduler Feature: to schedule automatic scan for your regular PC optimization.

All the feature scans come with a scheduler feature where you can schedule the next scan for your PC optimization.

Impact on Your PC

Although most of the optimizing software consumes a lot of system resources while they are performing optimization or scans. But if we talk about ASO it can be placed in the list of least system resources consuming software. While working to its peak level it only consumes 30% to 40% of the system resources of a PC running over 4 gigs of RAM.

With this, I can say if are PC user with lower system specs let say 1 gig or 2 gigs of RAM, you will be able to run and optimize your computer without any disturbance, but it will definitely impact your performance if you try to run its optimizing features in the background and do some other work at the same time.

Platform Availability

Advanced system optimizer is only available for Windows users; it does not give any support to macOS users. It is compatible with Windows XP and its later version and for both 64 or 32bit operating systems.

My experience With Advanced System Optimizer

If you ask me about the experience I have with this tool, I would say productive. I was able to maintain and improve my productivity to a great height. 

This tool helped me clean off unwanted material that I wasn’t even aware of. I was able to understand how my memory space is being utilized.

And the best part is that with ASO I was able to optimize and resolve system registry issues and update the outdated drivers which are the most crucial part or we can say the lifeline of our PCs.

Pros and Cons of Advanced System Optimizer

Additional tools included in the packageIt flags some of the settings and cookies as threats
Availability of Deep system scanSome feature are not given special attention
Regular database Update for Malware protectionThere is no support to Mac users
Automatically Driver Updater


What is Advanced System Optimizer?

Advanced System Optimizer is a system optimization utility software developed by Systweak. It is a utility suite that will help you bring out the best performance that your PC is capable of. With ASO Smart PC scan features, which include various important scans like Junk Cleaner, Driver updater, disk optimizer, etc you will be able to optimize your PC and increase your productivity to a great extent.

Is Advanced System Optimizer free?

Yes ASO comes with two versions, Free Version and with 24 hours free trial paid version. With its free version, it is only going to help you with finding the issues your PC is struggling with while giving its best, but with its paid version you unlock a lot of advanced features of Advanced System Optimizer and will be able to optimize and resolve all the raised issues.

Is Advanced System Optimizer safe?

Yes, Advanced System Optimizer is very safe to use and optimize your PC. It does not provide any harmful threats to your computer and there is no evidence that it is leaking information in the background. It will help you with your privacy and security through its system protector, privacy protector features to a great extent.

What is Systweak?

Systweak is a leading IT solution company and it has been developing and distributing system optimizing software worldwide for the last 20 years. It provides software and apps for all the available platforms out there Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows.

Is Advanced System Optimizer available for Mac?

No, Advanced System Optimizer developed by Systweak does not provide any support to Mac users. It is an entirely windows platform software providing support to windows XP and its later version, and is compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit Operating systems.


After looking at all its features I can say that Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best cleanup and optimizer utility suits that every windows user can have. It does optimization quietly in the background without even consuming much of your system resources. It comes with lots of additional features to boost your PC life and performance. You can even play games through its virtual desktop and do a lot more with this simple to use and affordable optimizing utility suit.

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