2 Ways to Add Signature In Google Docs (Easily)

Google docs is a software we love to use for our document-related tasks. Do you know it can even be used to add a signature on the important document you just prepared?

Signing a document is essential as it represents who created it and it even provides authenticity to the document, so in this article, I’ll show you exactly how to add a signature to your document using google docs, so open your document in google docs and let’s get started!

Way 1: Dragging And Dropping Your Signature

Most of us already have a signature in the form of an image format (png or jpeg ). Did you know you can just drag and drop the photo (or “file>> open>> upload>> browse”) to add your signature and your work is done.

You can then move the sign and resize your signature and even move it anywhere you want.

Don’t forget to select “In front of the text” so that it is always placed above your existing text and so move it anywhere.

Also, you can set default fonts in google docs as well and you can edit the margins in a doc file as well.

Way 2: Inserting Freshly Created Sign

So if you don’t have already a signature or just want just to sign it right away, google docs even lets you do that.

To get it there:

1. Click on “insert” then “drawing” followed by “new”.

2.  A new pop-up should appear, now select “Scribble” as the drawing method so you can draw freely anywhere on the campus.

3. Now you can just flow sign with your physical mouse, trackpad, or Wacom tablet.

4. You can even further customize it by changing the stroke width.

5. When you are done, just click “save and close

6. You can resize your signature like any other image and even change the position. Don’t forget to select “in front of the text” so that you can move it anywhere in your docs.

And you have successfully added your signature to the google docs!

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